Create and Develop Simple Databases

Duration24 hours


This course is recommended for people wanting to create a simple database to enter and extract data and create reports.

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Skills Covered

Create and Develop Simple Databases
- Open a database application and design a two-table, simple relational database incorporating basic design principles
- Develop a table with fields and attributes according to database usage, as well as user requirements
- Create a primary key and establish an index for each table
- Modify table layout and field attributes as required
- Create a relationship between the two tables
- Add and modify data in a table according to information requirements
- Add and delete records as required
- Open and view different toolbars
- Format font as appropriate for the purpose of the database entries
- Design reports to present data in a logical sequence
- Modify reports to include or exclude additional requirements
- Use a wizard to create a simple form
- Open existing database and modify records through a simple form
- Rearrange objects within the form to accommodate information requirements
- Access existing database and locate required records
- Create simple query and retrieve required information
- Develop query with multiple criteria and retrieve required information
- Select data and display appropriately