HLTSS00066 - Infection control Skill Set (Food Handling)


COVID-19 SAFE Infection Control for Food and Hospitality

This short course offers ‘COVID Clean’ infection control training for frontline staff in the food handling, restaurant, pub, tourism, hospitality and related industries to prepare to reopen their venues safely.

Participants will learn a range of skills including:
- Hand hygiene practices
- Effective surface cleaning
- Use of personal protective equipment
- Disposal of contaminated waste
- Hazard identification, control and reporting
- Appropriate protocols and responses in the event of an incident
- Knowledge regarding the basis of infection and transmission

The set of skills taught will include how to follow organisational infection prevention and control policies and procedures, including implementing standard and transmission-based precautions and responding to infection risks in organisations that include food handling in their operations.

This course can also be delivered onsite for a group. For more information contact Nigel Plaskett – email:

COVID Clean training is supported by the Australian Government and Government of South Australia.

  • Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures (HLTINFCOV001)

Short Course Delivery Locations Some short courses can provide accreditation for industry-specific registration, while others merely provide skills and knowledge in the subject area. Concession prices are available for some courses.


Dates to be advised

Class Times
Virtual Classroom: 10:00am-12:30pm (Online)
Practical Workshop: 10:00am-12:30pm (Regency Park)
2 days x 2.5 hours
Student Visa (500)

Not Eligible




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