Connect and Set up Hardware

Duration14 hours
Pre-requisitesA computer on which you can install a clean operating system. Otherwise access to Vmware for vitualisation which will be supplied by Tafe. You will also need to have access to a wireless router, a wireless printer, Paint or alternative image editing program.


This subject covers the skills and knowledge required to connect, install, and configure hardware peripherals, and to secure these devices for a small home-based local network. Includes applying problem-solving techniques to determine the origin of a routine malfunction and plan for its resolution.

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Skills Covered

Connect and Set up Hardware
- Obtain required peripherals
> Enter details of peripherals into equipment inventory according to organisational standards
> Validate that contents of delivered components and physical contents match the packing list and resolve discrepancies if necessary
> Store peripherals according to vendors guidelines
- Connect hardware peripherals
> Verify time frame for installation schedule with client
> Remove old peripherals with minimal disruption to clients if they are to be replaced, taking into account environmental considerations and work health and safety (WHS) standards
> Connect new peripherals with minimum disruption to clients, taking into account operating system procedures
> Configure computer to accept new peripherals
> Test hardware peripherals and confirm client satisfaction, paying particular attention to possible effect on other systems and making adjustments as required
> Prepare for installation
> Install and configure the wireless router and adapters
> Configure the wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) system