Information Security Online Essentials

Duration14 hours


This subject describes the skills and knowledge required to reduce the risk of a computer's operation being affected by spam or destructive software and to ensure information assets are protected from improper access and appropriate actions are taken to secure assets in the event that they are threatened.

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Skills Covered

Information Security Online Essentials
- Detect and remove destructive software
- Identify common types of destructive software
- Select and install virus protection compatible with the operating system in use
- Investigate other advanced systems of protection for further options
- Install software updates on a regular basis
- Configure software security settings to prevent destructive software from infecting computer
- Run or schedule to run virus protection software on a regular basis
- Report detected destructive software to appropriate person and remove the destructive software
- Identify and take action to stop spam
- Identify common types of spam
- Take appropriate action in regard to spam
- Configure and use a spam filter