Install and Optimise Software

Duration14 hours
Pre-requisitesAccess to an external hardware device such as Bluetooth device, modem, wireless keyboard and/or mouse, Android mobile phone, external/dual monitors, printer, scanner, external Speakers, Wi-Fi router or digital camera.


This subject covers the skills and knowledge required to select, configure and use computer operating systems and basic computer hardware and to select, install and/ or upgrade software applications.

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Skills Covered

Install and Optimise Software
- Identify operating system and hardware components
> Identify and select the operating system
> Identify appropriate external hardware components
> Identify internal hardware components
- Install and configure operating system and application software with hardware components
> Identify functions associated with the operating system and associated boot process
> Use both the graphical user interface and the command line interface to perform basic tasks
> Install or upgrade application software onto the operating system and hardware configuration
> Determine the relationship between an application program, the operating system and hardware
> Identify general differences between different computer platforms and their respective operating systems
- Optimise operating system and hardware components
> Optimise operating system, using included tools or third-party utilities
> Customise the graphical user interface
> Use techniques unique to the command line interface
> Set up and configure external hardware components and check functionality