Develop Customer Service Skills


This module covers customer service skills and business communication techniques, office technology and workplace health and safety procedures.

Skills Covered

1. Select, use and maintain a range of business technology. This technology includes the effective use of computer software to organise information and data
2. Produce a range of basic workplace documentation. This includes plan, draft and review a basic document before writing the final version
3. Participate in workplace occupational health and safety (OHS) processes to protect the workers own health and safety, and that of others
4. Identify customer needs and monitor service provided to customers
5. Using appropriate theoretical knowledge of customer service to provide technical advice and support to customers over either a short or long term interaction

  • Write simple documents (BSBWRT301)

    Contribute to health and safety of self and others (BSBWHS201)

    Deliver and monitor a service to customers (BSBCUS301)

    Use business technology (BSBWOR204)

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