Excel 101

Duration12 hours


This subject covers the skills required to use a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel 2013 to create spreadsheets, saving and opening files, entering basic formulae and functions, formatting, charts and printing.

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Skills Covered

Excel 101
Create spreadsheets
- Enter simple formulas and functions using cell referencing when required
- Correct formulas when error messages occur
- Use a range of common tools during spreadsheet development
Customise basic settings
- Adjust page layout to meet user requirements or special needs
- Open and view different toolbars
- Change font settings so they are appropriate for the document purpose
- Change alignment options and line spacing according to spreadsheet formatting features
- Format cell to display different styles as required
Format spreadsheet
- Use formatting features as required
- Use formatting tools as required within the spreadsheet
- Save spreadsheet as another file type
Incorporate object and chart in spreadsheet
- Import an object into an active spreadsheet
- Manipulate imported object by using formatting features
- Create a chart using selected data in the spreadsheet
- Display selected data in a different chart
- Modify chart using formatting features