UEESS00048 - Data Communications - ACMA 'Open' Cabling Provider


This skill set covers the installation and maintenance of telecommunications cabling in buildings and premises. It encompasses working safely and to the Australian Communications and Media Authority's Open Cabling Provider Rule, installing multiple telephone line, multi-pair cables, backbone cabling, terminating in socket outlets, termination modules and distributors, testing and compliance checks and completing cabling documentation.

Students that currently hold a Certificate III in Electrotechnology are only required to complete Install and maintain cabling for multiple access to telecommunication services (UEENEEF102A).

Please note: approximately 16 hours of online study is to be completed prior to on campus attendance.

Further information about licencing can be Australian Cabler Registration Service (ACRS) or via the ACMA website

  • - Apply Occupational Health and Safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace (UEENEEE101A)
    - Fabricate, assemble and dismantle utilities industry components (UEENEEE102A)
    - Solve problems in d.c. circuits (UEENEEE104A)
    - Fix and secure electrotechnology equipment (UEENEEE105A)
    - Use drawings, diagrams, schedules, standards, codes and specifications (UEENEEE107A)
  • Install and maintain cabling for multiple access to telecommunication services (UEENEEF102A)

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Dates to be advised

5 days x 8 hours
Student Visa (500)

Current VISA holders eligible




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