Basic Plumbing Awareness for Environmental Health Officers


Are you an environmental health officer? This course is designed to help you gain a basic understanding of waste disposal systems for one- and two-storey domestic buildings. Recognised and endorsed by SA Health, this course will provide insight into plumbing standards including drainage and underfloor installations, septic tanks with on-site disposal, aerobic wastewater treatment systems with irrigation layout, and more. Plus you will be invited to attend a full-day field trip to visit a number of construction sites to learn more about waste disposal.

  • This course is for Environmental Health Officers. Suitable attire and protective clothing are required for the field based components of the course.
  • Design and size domestic treatment plant disposal systems (CPCPDR4013B)

    Install below ground sanitary drainage systems (CPCPDR3022A)

    Install discharge pipes (CPCPSN3022A)

    Install domestic treatment plants (CPCPDR2022A)

    Install on-site disposal systems (CPCPDR3023A)

    Install pre-treatment facilities (CPCPSN3025A)

    Install trench support (RIICCM210D)

    Plan layout of a residential sanitary drainage system (CPCPDR3021A)

    Plan layout of a residential sanitary plumbing system (CPCPSN3011B)

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Start Date

Mon 25 May 20

End Date

Thu 28 May 20

Class Times
Monday to Thursday 8:30am-4:30pm
4 days x 8 hours
Cost Information
Includes course notes, materials on Australian standards, morning tea, lunch and field trip.



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