Preparing for a Sales Presentation


Preparing and presenting a professional sales presentation requires skills in strategic thinking, market research, professional writing, competitor analysis, public speaking, and more. This one-day short course will assist you in developing and improving on your confidence in these skills to help get you one step closer to closing the deal.

This course is ideal for individuals in a professional role that requires them to make formal pitches or informal presentations that need to be persuasive with the intent to sell a product or service.

Topics covered include:
- The importance of understanding your product
- Researching and understanding your competitor products
- Undertaking product comparisons and identifying your point of difference
- Considering the market as a whole
- Techniques to handle objections

Short Course Delivery Locations Some short courses can provide accreditation for industry-specific registration, while others merely provide skills and knowledge in the subject area. Concession prices are available for some courses.


Thu 2 Apr 20

Class Times
Thursday 9:00am-4:00pm
1 day x 7 hours
Student Visa (500)



$199.00 GST inc

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