Provide Financial Advice and Customer Relationships

Duration6 weeks
Accredited UnitsProvide general advice on financial products and services (FNSIAD301)
Establish client relationship and analyse needs (FNSASIC301)
Develop present and negotiate client solutions (FNSASIC302)


This course covers a range of interpersonal and customer service skills and an understanding of financial products and services to provide general advice on financial products and services.

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Skills Covered

Provide Financial Advice and Customer Relationships
1. Establish relationship with customers, identify customer needs, identify general advice boundaries of product and service and provide general advice to customers.
2. Identify client objectives, needs and financial situation and analyse client objectives, needs, financial situation and risk profile.
3. Develop appropriate strategies and solutions, present appropriate strategies and solutions to client, negotiate financial plan, policy or transaction with client, coordinate implementation of agreed plan, policy or transaction, complete and maintain necessary documentation and provide ongoing service where requested by client.