Building and Sustaining an Innovative Work Environment


Learn how to make innovation an integral part of the leadership and management activities within your organisation.

This short course has been designed for those looking to gain or improve their skills and knowledge in creating environments that enable and support a holistic approach to innovation across all areas of the workplace and its work practices. The course is best suited to individuals working in leadership or management roles, external contractors, leaders of a cross organisation team or leaders of a self-formed team of individuals.

During the course you will learn how to establish and lead teams to operate in ways that maximise opportunities for innovation, as well as learning new techniques for promoting, supporting and reinforcing innovative ideas and collaboration.

The half-day workshop will cover:
- Visualising, understanding and leading innovation
- Establishing work practices that promote, support and foster innovation
- Identifying and investigating new opportunities for innovation

Short Course Delivery Locations Some short courses can provide accreditation for industry-specific registration, while others merely provide skills and knowledge in the subject area. Concession prices are available for some courses.


Fri 1 May 20

Class Times
Friday 12:45-3:45pm
1 day x 3 hours
Address or Room
Room: B.118

Students holding Visa 500 are eligible


$99.00 GST inc

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