MYOB Advanced - Setup and Operate Computer Accounting System


This course covers the skills and knowledge required to modify and operate an integrated computerised accounting system. This is generally under supervision and encompasses processing transactions within the system, maintaining the system, producing reports and ensuring system integrity.

This course is designed for individuals employed in a range of work environments. They may work across all sectors of the financial services industry and other industry organisations using MYOB accounting software.

MYOB is widely used in many job roles in both small and medium businesses and accounting firms. These job roles include; accounting, bookkeeping, accounts receivable and payable, payroll and inventory management.

Skills Covered:
- Accessing the software & introduction to MYOB
- Setup banking command centre
- Bank Register, undeposited funds, bank reconciliation & petty cash
- Sales command centre
- Purchases command centre
- Contra entries
- Consolidation activities
- Perpetual inventory system
- Cash sales and purchases & quotes, orders and backorders
- Additional MYOB features

  • You will be given 16 weeks to complete this course. If you study 4-6 hours per week, we estimate that you will be able to complete the course in this time frame. However as this online course is self-paced, if you prefer you are able to complete it in a shorter time frame.

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