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Welcome to the Onshore Petroleum Centre of Excellence

The Onshore Petroleum Centre of Excellence (OPCE) offers specialist oil and gas training. Opened in February 2015 at the TAFE SA Tonsley campus, the OPCE was established through a partnership between TAFE SA and the state’s largest oil and gas producers.

The OPCE is a unique facility that provides a realistic simulation of upstream oil and gas operations. The training options range from oil and gas fundamentals to the up-skilling of experienced field operators. The OPCE provides a low hazard, interactive training environment utilising operational upstream field plant and equipment.

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Training in Onshore Petroleum Operations

The greatest advantage of the OPCE is that it allows for realistic training in a low hazard environment by using compressed air to simulate gas and pressurised water to simulate oil. The OPCE facility offers Certificate II award courses, short courses and specialist training related to the oil and gas industry. Our skilled staff can develop and deliver customised training and are always willing to work in partnership with clients to achieve the required outcomes.

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Partnering with Government and the Oil and Gas Industry

The OPCE training facility was established under a Deed between the Government of South Australia, TAFE SA, Santos, Beach Energy and Senex Energy. The facility is also supported by a host of other local and national businesses.


Training Options at the OPCE

The OPCE offers a variety of oil and gas courses for organisations and individuals:

Awareness Courses

These courses provide participants with a basic understanding of oil and gas industry terminology and practices. They are ideally suited to persons who need an understanding of the oil and gas industry and processes. These courses suit a broad range of participants that could include students, engineers and managers.

Fundamentals Courses

This course provides participants with a higher level of knowledge, understanding and experience. This course is specially designed for non-technical people such as professionals and engineers who need to know more about the oil and gas business or persons interested in gaining employment within the industry or related fields.

Accredited Short Courses

These courses are accredited units of competence that provide specific skills and knowledge required to work in the oil and gas industry. They are suited to persons working in or wishing to gain employment in the oil and gas industry. Some of these competencies are a mandatory requirement to enter the oil and gas fields.

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SACOME Oil and Gas Essentials

Designed to give participants (including current or potential suppliers to the petroleum industry) a thorough understanding of how the sector works, the two day course covers a range of geological, commercial and technical information in non-technical language.  

Customised Courses

The OPCE's skilled lecturers can develop and deliver customised training and are always willing to work in partnership with clients to achieve the required outcomes.

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Photo Gallery

Take a look at the fantastic facilities and equipment available to students in the Onshore Petroleum Excellence Centre. Equipment includes a gas wellhead, reciprocating compressors, gas metering skids, pig launcher and receiver, oil wellhead, beam pump, a two-phase separator, and liquids storage tank.

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