The International Student Letter of Offer contains detailed information about the total tuition fees & other fees payable, and how to make payments to TAFE SA.  Included in the Letter of Offer is the International Student - Tuition Fee Refund Policy and Table.

Acceptance and payment of 1st semester of fees

To secure the place within the offered program students must provide the required signed documentation that confirms their agreement with the policies, procedures, and conditions of enrolment at TAFE SA and pay the relevant fees as outlined in the Letter of Offer.  This means that the student agrees to make all necessary payments as required by TAFE SA.

Once the payment and documents have been confirmed TAFE SA will issue students with the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) which is required to apply for the student visa.

Payment for subsequent semesters

Invoices will be issued to students prior to the commencement of each subsequent semester.  Students can make payment as per the invoice details and due date. 

Non-payment of tuition and other fees/charges

Students that fail to pay their fees will be issued with a warning letter which may result in cancellation of their TAFE SA enrolment and notification to the Department of Home Affairs.  Failure to pay may result in the student’s exclusion from class until payment has been confirmed. Fees which remain unpaid after warning letters have been issued and the appropriate TAFE SA administration process has occurred will have their COE cancelled.

Failed and/or repeat subjects

Fees must be paid for repeat subjects or components of repeat subjects.

Early completions (fast tracking of studies)

Students who complete their TAFE SA program earlier than expected due to fast tracking are still expected to pay the total course tuition fee payment as per the Letter of Offer. In instances where students may finish one semester earlier than expected their semester invoices will be amended to ensure that the total course tuition fee has been paid as outlined in the Letter of Offer.  In the event where a portion of the tuition fee remains unpaid students will not be entitled to any graduation and/or completion documents until it is paid.

Method of payment

Fees can be paid by bank draft, bank cheque, cash, credit card or bank transfer. Payment information is contained in the Letter of Offer and invoices including the appropriate bank details. If a student is paying by bank transfer, they are encouraged to include their unique identification number listed on the Letter of Offer to assist us with confirmation of the transfer.

Note: credit card payments are not accepted for the 1st payment to TAFE SA (the payment which confirms the Offer).

Fees by instalment

Only in exceptional circumstances can International Students pay tuition fees by instalment. Interested students must apply to the International Unit and be interviewed by the International Student Support Consultant. 

Also see: TAFE South Australia refund policy.