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Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Do I need OSHC?

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) helps cover some of the costs of medical treatments if you get sick or have an accident while you’re studying in Australia. This includes cover for doctor consultations, hospital admissions, emergency ambulance services, medicines and more.1

As part of your student visa conditions, the Australian Government requires you to have OSHC for the duration of your student visa whilst in Australia.2 Bupa OSHC satisfies this requirement and is student visa compliant.

Bupa is here to focus on your health, while you focus on your studies.

What’s included in Bupa OSHC:

  • Access to private and public hospitals around Australia.
  • Bupa members can save on out of pocket costs when using our Bupa Members First or Network Hospitals.1
  • Bupa pays up to 100% of the MBS (Medicare Benefits Schedule) fees3 as set out by the Australian Government towards a wide range of medical services and treatments.
  • Bupa OSHC also includes unlimited emergency ambulance cover, which means Bupa will pay benefits towards emergency ambulance transportation and on-the-spot treatment by their recognised providers.4
  • Save up to $50 per script item on prescription medicines, once you’ve paid the Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule (PBS) co-payment, up to yearly limits.5

If you need more support, Bupa has a OSHC student website filled with further information on your cover, additional support, the Australian Healthcare system and more.

About Bupa

Bupa is TAFE SA’s health and care partner and preferred OSHC provider. With a long history in health care around the world, Bupa looks after their international students to help them live healthier, happier lives.

Having OSHC means you’ll be able to access healthcare while you’re studying Australia, with some or all of your costs covered.

Joining Bupa is easy, you can select Bupa OSHC during your offer and acceptance process so you’ll be covered for the entire time you’re studying at TAFE SA.

Concentrate on your studies and let Bupa look after your health.

Bupa has also created a helpful video outlining the services what Bupa OSHC covers.

How to get/order my OSHC membership card?

Once you’ve arrived in Australia, you’ll need to make sure you have access to your membership card so you can use your cover.

Using your Apple or Android smartphone, you can access your Bupa membership card and use your phone to tap and claim. 8  To find out more on how to access your card on your phone and use it to claim on the spot, click here.

Physical membership cards are available.

Watch the video to learn how to order your Bupa OSHC membership card.



How do I make a claim?

If you need to see a doctor (General Practitioner), you can visit a Bupa-friendly doctor. They can directly bill Bupa for your consultation, which means you won’t have to make a claim and it’ll reduce or eliminate the need to make a payment at your appointment.7 Find your closest Bupa-friendly doctor here.

For other health providers, once you’ve received a treatment or service that’s covered by your policy,9 you might need to make a payment to the provider before you can make a claim with Bupa. To make a claim, you’ll need to:

  • Register or log in to myBupa
  • Select ‘Make a claim’
  • Fill in the details for your claim and upload a copy of your receipt
  • Review your claim and details, then submit.

Once submitted, in most cases, you’ll find out your claim outcome immediately and any eligible benefit payments will be made to your Australian bank account within 24 hours.6


100% of costs are covered for Blua doctor appointments for Bupa OSHC Members. 24/7 access is available via online video call.

Book a video call with a doctor 24/7

Bupa’s 24 Hour Student Advice Line

If you’ve got questions about looking after your health or living in Australia, you can call the Bupa 24 Hour Student Advice Line.

You’ll be able to speak to a registered nurse for medical assistance, access counselling services or receive advice on home, property, legal or general tax enquiries.

The line is available to Bupa OSHC members at any time of day and there are interpreters available in more than 150 languages.

Bupa is here to help you get the most out of your life in Australia.

Call 1300 884 235

Get in contact with Bupa

If you need help with your health cover, you can contact Bupa in several ways.

Bupa’s Overseas Student website:

Visit for information about what’s covered, what to do if you get sick, how to find a Bupa Friendly doctor and more.


Speak to the overseas student support team. Monday to Friday 7.30-5.30pm (ACST) or 8:30am-6:30pm (ACDT).

  • Call 1800 888 942 from within Australia
  • Call +61 3 9937 4223 from outside Australia


Health insurance queries to, monitored Monday to Friday.



1 For services included on your cover. Waiting periods, policy and fund rules apply.

2 Students from selected countries may have some access to Medicare, however they still require OSHC. Visit to find out more.

3 MBS is the list of medical services and treatments recognised for coverage by Medicare and associated fees for such services and treatments set by the Australian Government.

4By Bupa recognised ambulance providers

5 $300 per person up to $600 per policy. Benefits for prescription items that are non-PBS, TGA approved, and not appearing on our exclusion list.

6 Most online claims processed within 24 hours unless a manual assessment is required.

7An out-of-pocket expense may be incurred should the Doctor charge higher than the Bupa benefit. This expense is not covered by Bupa.

8 For services included on your cover. Subject to remaining limits, yearly limits, waiting periods, fund and policy rules.

9Check policy for details of services covered. Waiting periods, fund and policy rules apply.

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