Work in scientific research, production, diagnostics and testing

Science qualifications from TAFE SA prepare you for a variety of applied science and laboratory careers. Topics include chemical tests, data analysis and performing a range of biological procedures including microbiological and histological tests, molecular biology and tissue culture.

Video: Laboratory Science

Kristin is a senior medical research scientist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. She undertook at Certificate III in Laboratory Skills at TAFE SA. Listen to Kristin as she explains how TAFE SA's practical, on-the-job training helped her to get a job in the medical sector and how it has led to further university study.

Diploma of Laboratory Technology

The Veterinary and Applied Science Centre

TAFE SA’s Veterinary and Applied Science Centre has biomedical research and production facilities, medical and veterinary diagnostic laboratories and environmental testing laboratories. It features industry-standard Physical Containment Level 2 (PC2) specialist laboratories for microbiology, molecular biology, histology and chemistry, and a PC3 laboratory to support training and development in biotechnology and biosecurity.