Make a difference as an enrolled nurse or phlebotomist

A nurse’s primary role is providing patient care. Learn about contemporary nursing practice, law and ethics, anatomy and physiology. Other topics include acute and chronic health disorders, clinical nursing skills and phlebotomy.

Our pathology qualifications prepare you for a career in a pathology laboratory. Develop the technical expertise and interpersonal skills to collect blood and other specimens for pathology testing.

What's it like nursing during a pandemic? Ali tells her story.

I remember the day things changed at the clinic in March 2020. How are we to manage COVID-19?

It was very eerie. Suddenly the clinic staff were looking at each other, wondering what was about to descend.

I am a TAFE SA nursing lecturer, and I also work part time for SA Health in a small primary health care clinic, 300 km north of Adelaide. I am one of two practice nurses, who work with one doctor in a small 30-bed hospital.

At the commencement of COVID-19 in South Australia, we had to put into practise PCR (testing) and PPE training very quickly. And we didn’t know what to expect if the community of 3000 were infected with COVID-19. It was overwhelming, we had no vaccines to offer (at the time), and an ageing community to be aware of.

Nurse and TAFE SA Lecturer, Ali

The journey to 2022 was remarkable. The phone rang hot during this time, the only doctor resigned to take another position, and we were left with locum GPs.

We administered 1,300 vaccines; managed frozen vaccines (and their transportation); supported many frightened and anxious patients; and endured the struggles of wearing PPE.

We operated in 45-degree heat, completed respiratory assessments in the car park, took temperatures and filled in forms with a north wind blowing, or rain pouring. My hero is Florence Nightingale, who was an expert in infection control so many years ago. The pandemic has come back to remind us again how simple viral infections can bring down a community.

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Meet Amanda from Lyell McEwin Hospital

I have been caring for my family for a long time and I decided to turn what I love doing into a career, that’s why I studied the Diploma of Nursing (HLT54115).

The lecturers at TAFE SA are passionate about their topic and kept us engaged in lessons by sharing their real-life experience. Since my study, I have been able to gain employment at Lyell McEwin Hospital which has allowed me to put my skills into practice and work closely with other enrolled and registered nurses to increase my knowledge.


Virtual Tour - Nursing and Pathology at Adelaide City Campus


Adele is an enrolled nurse at the Women's and Children's Hospital and she loves working with children. She studied a Diploma of Nursing at TAFE SA before getting a direct entry into the equivalent Bachelor program at Flinders University. Listen to Adele explain how practical training at TAFE SA provides an excellent pathway into tertiary studies.

NurseSim 3D Simulated Training

NurseSim is a healthcare simulation tool that helps students practice general procedures, resulting in better skilled and more confident graduates. Students are able to put into practice the information they gained from lectures, workshops and practical learning situations in the convenience of their own home, library or anywhere with internet access. Students are able to walk around a virtual hospital environment as well as inspect and rotate various objects throughout the training.

Clinical Skills Laboratories

In TAFE SA’s Clinical Skills Laboratories you’ll enjoy a practical, safe learning experience. The labs are constantly being improved to ensure that the clinical component of the course replicates industry standards. These contemporary teaching facilities include simulation mannequins and modern clinical equipment.

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