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Become a volunteer tutor

If you’re interested in volunteering and meeting new people from different cultural backgrounds, then we want you!

What’s involved?

Volunteer tutors help migrants with English language development, and Australian settlement skills.

Students are part of the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP), which provides free English tuition to eligible migrants and refugees.

As a tutor you will receive free training, attending a 20-hour course (face-to-face or online).

Once you’re ready, you’ll be paired with a student, and commit to catching up for 1 - 2 hours a week to assist the student with their English language skills. You’ll meet in locations such as cafes, libraries, community centres, or in a student’s home.

What’s next? Applying!

To apply, please complete the Volunteer Tutor Scheme application form and email to

If you’d like more information, please call: (08) 7210 3566 or (08) 8226 6555.

How can becoming a Volunteer Tutor benefit you?

By volunteering to become a tutor you have an opportunity to:

  • develop new skills
  • meet people from a wide range of backgrounds
  • learn about other languages and cultures
  • help migrants and refugees learn English and become part of the Australian
  • receive VTS newsletters and ongoing training throughout the year through Professional Development Sessions.

Volunteer Testimonial


I finished my working career and was looking to help a newcomer to Australia assimilate more easily into our way of life.

I saw the TAFE SA Volunteer Tutor advertisement and applied. I completed the training before being assigned to an Afghan couple.

I really love the interaction with my students. You can see they want to learn as much as they can and I was amazed at the friendliness of my students welcoming me into their homes.

When we have a Professional Update Day with other Volunteer Tutors we share ideas, activities and resources. My favourite part of being a Volunteer Tutor is preparing a new and interesting activity each week, plus revisiting what we have learnt from the previous week.

Glenys Jones OAM JP

Tutor Training Course

The Volunteer Tutor Scheme matches trained volunteers with migrants and refugees who want to learn English but are unable to attend classes. All volunteer tutors undertake a English as a Second Language (ESL) training course especially designed for tutors.

The 20 hour course will give you the knowledge and skills required to work effectively with students in ESL programs. Each training session is compulsory.

It provides you with information about:

  • Migration and Cross Cultural Communication
  • Adult Learning
  • Working with Beginner, Elementary and Intermediate levels
  • Pronunciation, Speaking and Listening
  • Reading and Writing
  • Settlement issues.

What is required of a Volunteer Tutor?

You need to be able to:

  • speak and write English well
  • relate to people from different cultural backgrounds
  • appreciate the difficulties of living in a community in which you
    don't speak the language
  • attend the 20 hour training course (face-to-face or online)
  • spare a few hours per week
  • drive to the student's home (up to 20 minutes from your own home)
  • make a minimum six month commitment to tutoring
  • commence a student match before training is completed.

You don't need to:

  • speak another language
  • be a teacher.

Tutoring takes place once a week in the refugee or migrant's own home or at a public venue.

How will the Volunteer Tutor Scheme training course help you?

You will learn new skills, meet new people and have the opportunity to help others. As a tutor with the Volunteer Tutor Scheme you will have access to TAFE SA Adelaide and Salisbury Libraries - Adelaide Library being the largest English language library in South Australia.

Who can join the Volunteer Tutor Scheme training course?

Anyone with a good level of English, good pronunciation and a few hours to give each week can apply for the Volunteer Tutor Scheme training.

What does it cost to study the Volunteer Tutor Scheme training course?

Training is free! Two Department of Human Services (DHS) Screening Checks will be required - WWCC and Vulnerable Persons.

Where can you study the Volunteer Tutor Scheme training course?

Training will be delivered face-to-face at TAFE SA’s Adelaide campus and Salisbury Campus once a week for 5 weeks.

Alternatively for those unable to attend face-to-face training, an online training option is available. Please call to discuss training options with our VTS staff. 

Volunteer Tutor Scheme Office:

TAFE SA Adelaide City Campus
120 Currie Street
Adelaide SA 5000

Phone: (08) 7210 3566

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