What is the Adult Migrant English Program?

The Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) provides up to 510 hours of free English tuition to eligible migrants and refugees to help them learn English language and settlement skills. 

AMEP is flexible so you can study at your own pace. You can choose from a range of learning options including studying in a classroom full-time or part-time, day or evening, distance learning or out of class with a tutor. 

You can also access free childcare while you are attending your AMEP class.


What will I learn?

You will learn English language skills and information about Australian society and services. This includes settlement information to help you understand more about living in Australia and how you can be successful in your new country. You will meet other new arrivals and have the chance to make friends. Improving your English, understanding more about living in Australia and meeting new people will help you settle successfully and will also help you to find work when you are ready.

The AMEP students study the Certificate in Spoken and Written English. This is delivered at Certificate I, 2, 3 and Pre Certificate Level.

How will I learn?

AMEP lets you study in different ways and at your own pace.

You can:

  • Study in a classroom or at home via distance learning or with a tutor through the Volunteer Tutor Scheme
  • Study full-time or part-time
  • Study in the day or in the evening

AMEP Newsletter

Read the latest AMEP newsletter to find out information about current classes being offered in the AMEP and good news stories written by students.


Download AMEP Newsletter

Pathways Guidance

From your first registration appointment until your final study hours, AMEP counsellors and teachers will offer pathways guidance to help you choose learning goals, understand your study options and to achieve your education and work goals.

You will meet with a counsellor when you first register in the AMEP and discuss how the program can help you meet your goals. You will also meet when your study hours are almost completed and the counsellor can help you consider your future options and what is best to do next.

AMEP 510 hour English Language Tuition Entitlement

AMEP eligible people have a legislated entitlement to 510 hours of free English Language tuition. During your 510 hours you will be studying one or more of the following qualifications depending on your level of English when you enter the AMEP program

  • 10725NAT Course in Spoken and Written English (PreCSWE)
    A foundation course for learners who have no or limited formal schooling, no or limited English and who may not have literacy skills in their first language. It aims to develop entry level ACSF competencies in learning, reading, writing and oral communication.
  • 10727NAT Certificate I in Spoken and Written English (CSWE1)
    An elementary level course for learners who have just started learning English and who have minimal reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Primarily targeting newly arrived migrants and refugees, the course is designed to develop language skills from ACSF level PLB, to participate in a limited range of contexts.
  • 10728NAT Certificate II in Spoken and Written English (CSWE2)
    An intermediate level course for learners for whom English is an additional language. It begins to develop English language competencies of learning, reading, writing and oral communication from ACSF level 2, targeting newly arrived migrants and refugees who need English language skills to participate in a limited range of social, educational and vocational contexts.
  • 10729NAT Certificate III in Spoken and Written English (CSWE 3)
    An upper intermediate course for learners for whom English is an additional language.  It further develops social, educational and vocational goals and develop competencies in learning, reading, writing and oral communication from ACSF level 2 to 3, encouraging effective functioning within the Australian community.  It can prepare students for work and develop skills for further study.

Special AMEP sub-programs

AMEP also has additional programs to help eligible students with extra English language study hours or bridging into employment or further training.

SPP: Special Preparatory Program

If you came to Australia on a humanitarian visa, the SPP may give you extra study hours to help you with your English and settlement needs.

AMEP Extend

If you have less than 10 hours of entitlement remaining and have still not achieved Functional English, you may be eligible for up to 490 hours extra English study hours under AMEP Extend.

This can help you achieve the English proficiency you need to work or live successfully in Australia.

Settlement Language Pathways to Employment and Training Program (SLPET)

The SLPET Program provides eligible students with introductory training for a range of jobs and working environments.  It combines employment-targeted study and English language support with the aim of preparing students successfully for a work placement and to begin job-seeking.


If you are 18 years and over you should register at TAFE SA within six months of arrival (extension of time may be granted by the Department).  If you are under 18 years of age you should register at TAFE SA within 12 months of arrival (conditions apply). No extension of time will be granted by the Department.

Commencement:  You must start studying within 12 months of arrival (extension of time may be granted by the Department).

Am I Eligible?

You may be eligible for the AMEP if you are a permanent resident of Australia or you hold an eligible temporary visa.

In addition, you must meet the following time frames from the date of your visa commencement or arrival in Australia to remain eligible:

  • Register with an AMEP service provider within six months (or 12 months if you are under 18 years of age when you arrived in Australia)
  • Commence your tuition within 12 months
  • Complete your tuition within five years.

Free child care and creche

Our child care co-ordinator will help AMEP clients arrange a place for their child / children in one of the TAFE SA AMEP onsite creches. These are available at Adelaide City Campus, Salisbury Campus and Mt Gambier Campus. In some cases child care is provided in off campus child care centres. A number of our community based class venues have on site creches.

All children with arranged child care will experience a warm and welcoming care environment, which will stimulating and support their growth and learning. This will also enhance the child's overall development and support their settlement in Australia.

Virtual Tour - AMEP Creche at Adelaide City Campus

To register for the AMEP visit your nearest TAFE SA AMEP campus located at:

Adelaide City Campus
120 Currie Street
Adelaide SA 5000
Phone: 8226 6555

Elizabeth Campus
2 Woodford Road
Elizabeth SA 5112
Ph: 8207 9855

Gilles Plains Campus
33 Blacks Road,
Gilles Plains SA 5086
Phone: 8226 6555

Mount Gambier Campus
Wireless Road West
Mount Gambier SA 5290
Phone: 8417 0315

Murray Bridge Campus
Swanport Road
Murray Bridge SA 5253
Phone: 8207 3033

Noarlunga Campus
Ramsay Place
Noarlunga Centre SA 5168
Phone: 8207 3033

Regency Campus
137 Days Road
Regency Park SA 5010
Phone: 8226 6555

Salisbury Campus
16 Wiltshire Street
Salisbury SA 5108
Phone: 8207 9855

Off Campus Locations

Bordertown Migrant Resource Centre
26 Woolshed Street
Bordertown SA 5268
Phone: 8417 0315

Cooinda Community Centre
254 Sturt Street
Sturt SA 5047
Phone: 8375 6703

Kilburn Community Centre
59 Gladstone Avenue
Kilburn SA 5084

Marion Uniting Church
9-11 Township Road
Marion SA 5043

Naracoorte Migrant Resource Centre
64 Smith Street
Naracoorte SA 5271
Phone: 8417 0315

Thebarton Senior College
40 Ashley Street
Torrensville SA 5031
Phone: 8159 3100

If you live more than 50 km from a TAFE SA Campus, please contact  8226 6555 for more information.

Alternatively, complete the Contact Us form.

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