Apply your bilingual skills to interpreting and translating

TAFE SA language courses can help students who are fluent in more than one language pursue a career in interpreting and translating. Interpreters are in demand in community services, health, education, employment, law, immigration and citizenship. Translating courses provide advanced training in a range of settings, including business, technical, health and marketing.

Video: Languages, Interpreting and Translating

Kay used to work at a bank, but decided to leave and do a Diploma of Interpreting course at TAFE SA. The diploma course gave her the accreditation that she needed to realise her dream to become an Interpreter. After graduating, she was approached by employers and was able to secure a job straight away. Listen to Kay as she explains why her TAFE SA training set her up for a career as an Interpreter.

Diploma of Interpreting

Animated videos for interpreting practice

TAFE SA has a range of ready-made animations for use by trainers and students, with the capacity to create custom-made videos to suit your needs and languages. Interested? Register your expression of interest here.

Languages, Interpreting and Translating Courses

Award Courses Help… National Code
Diploma of Interpreting (LOTE-English)PSP50916