Create and produce media content for the big and small screen

Screen and media courses at TAFE SA cover the production of content for film, television and games. You can study the technical and creative skills required to build a career in a range of areas including film and television, video production, special effects, game production, and mobile phone content development.

Become an artist in the video game development industry

As a TAFE SA game art student you’ll learn the skills required of artists in game design and development. Game artists are chiefly modellers and texturers but also need a broad knowledge of the process for developing games. Our courses emphasise modelling, texturing, concept development and drawing. You’ll also learn about project management, teamwork, the simulations industry and a variety of delivery platforms.

Advanced Diploma in Screen & Media (Game Art)

Student Work - VFX and CGI

The gallery below showcases some recent VFX and CGI work by TAFE SA students.

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Work in technical roles in film and TV

The TAFE SA film and TV program will prepare you for a technical career in film and television production. You’ll enjoy a comprehensive study of the skills required in today’s screen industry, with a focus on specific crew roles for on-set and location-based productions. Pre-production topics include budgeting, scheduling, contracts and location management. Production requires skills in creative and technical areas such as camera, lighting and sound recording. Topics in post-production include sound design, editing and mixing.

Film and Television Courses

Create visual effects and computer animation for film and television

Computer-generated imagery (CGI) has become a vital element of screen entertainment. TAFE SA visual effects courses cover broad aspects of the movie and television making process to show where CGI animation fits in the workflow of a production. You’ll take a practical hands-on approach to your study, using industry-standard 2D and 3D software and broadcast-standard hardware.

CGI and VFX Courses at TAFE SA

360 Degree: TV Studio

Screen and Media students at TAFE SA have access to a fully-fledged television studio during their training. Click on the image for a 360-degree view of what it's like being in the TAFE SA television studio. (Note: this component requires Flash support).

Advanced Diploma in Screen & Media (Film & Television)