Produce artwork and design for print and electronic media

TAFE SA graphic design courses prepare you for a career producing artwork and page layouts for reproduction in print and electronic media. This can include magazines, newspapers, books and websites, corporate identity programs and advertising campaigns. Our printing courses encompass aspects of electronic publishing, graphic design and printing, as well as web design and development. You’ll study computer technology and design, electronic publishing, digital design and sign production.

Become a Graphic Designer

As a TAFE SA graphic design student you will combine technical, creative and conceptual skills to create designs that meet client requirements and solve a range of visual communication challenges. You’ll take a practical hands-on approach to studying topics such as design foundations, Adobe Creative Suite, Typography, Drawing for Design, Design History, Creative Thinking, Illustration, Design Studio, Branding Identity and Web/ Interactive Design.

  • Wine Label by Chloe Miller
  • Website by Shanna McGrath
  • Poster by David Quintel
  • Poster by David Quintel 2
  • Poster by Chloe Miller
  • Post Cards by Shannon McGrath
  • Illustration by Nathan Forman
  • Booklet by David Quintel
  • Album Cover by Nathan Thorman
  • Booklet by Shanna McGrath
  • Illustration by Amanda Nicholson
  • Advert by Nathan Thorman
  • Brochure by Amanda Nicholson
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