VET in Schools studetns working on a carTAFE SA works with schools to promote pathways to further training and employment through VET in Schools Agreements.

A VET in Schools Agreement (VISA) is a negotiated agreement where qualified teachers deliver and assess nationally recognised training within the school environment in partnership with TAFE SA.

The VISA document itself is a Memorandum of Administrative Arrangement (MAA), often referred to as a ‘Head Agreement’, that outlines the role, responsibilities and obligations of the school and TAFE SA.

The Head Agreement varies slightly between the school sectors Memorandum of Administrative Arrangements (MAA) for DfE schools and a Head Agreement for CESA and AISSA schools.

Head Agreements are for the period 1st January – 31st December 2018 for this year ONLY. Only one Head Agreement is required per school, and the document must be signed by the school principal and the TAFE SA delegate.

A VISA Schedule is a sub-agreement to the VISA Head Agreement and lists the:

  • units of competency that the school will deliver and assess in partnership with TAFE SA
  • contact details for the parties to the agreement.

A separate VISA Schedule must be negotiated for each course to be delivered and assessed in a school. Negotiations of a VISA Schedule start with the school investigating their readiness for delivery and assessment.  

Download the VISA Guide PDF

Resulting Requirements of Schools

In order for TAFE SA to provide timely verified results to schools for students engaged in VET studies with TAFE SA, schools are required to submit their VISA results to TAFE SA as early as possible. Schools are to submit VISA results via email.

TAFE SA will validate and verify these results in readiness for meeting the SACE resulting deadline. 

TAFE SA will report verified results back to VET coordinators in schools, including all types of activity for secondary school students, by the following dates:


Data Requirement

28 February 2020

School to populate VISA spreadsheet with student data and submit to TAFE SA by the due date for Semester 1 

12 June 2020

Update VISA Spreadsheet with first semester results and send to TAFE SA

7 August 2020

School to populate VISA spreadsheet with student data and submit to TAFE SA by the due date for Semester 2

 16 October 2020

 Send second semester Year 12 results to TAFE SA 

 6 November 2020

 Send second semester Year 10 and Year 11 results to TAFE SA