VET in Schools studetns working on a carTAFE SA works with schools to promote pathways to further training and employment through VET in Schools Agreements.

A VET in Schools Agreement (VISA) is a negotiated agreement where qualified teachers deliver and assess nationally recognised training within the school environment in partnership with TAFE SA.

The VISA document itself is a Memorandum of Administrative Arrangement (MAA), often referred to as a ‘Head Agreement’, that outlines the role, responsibilities and obligations of the school and TAFE SA.

Head Agreements are for the period 1st January – 31st December 2018 for this year ONLY. Only one Head Agreement is required per school, and the document must be signed by the school principal and the TAFE SA delegate.

A VISA Schedule is a sub-agreement to the VISA Head Agreement and lists the:

  • units of competency that the school will deliver and assess in partnership with TAFE SA
  • contact details for the parties to the agreement.

A separate VISA Schedule must be negotiated for each course to be delivered and assessed in a school.

Negotiations of a VISA Schedule start with the school investigating their readiness for delivery and assessment.  TAFE SA has developed VISA Guides and a TAFE SA VISA Process to help guide schools through the establishment of a VISA Schedule.