TAFE SA delivers vocational training and education across South Australia. Our courses are offered in a variety of study modes.


External learning gives you the opportunity to learn at a time that best suits you. Course materials may be in an online format, mailed out in print format or sent to you by email. You'll be supported in your learning by your lecturer who will be available by phone or email. Most courses will require you to have access to a computer connected to the internet.

On campus

On campus learning allows you to learn in a traditional classroom environment. Students attend classes at set times, at the campus where they enrolled. This form of learning gives you the opportunity to bounce ideas off your lecturer and others within your learning group. 

On and off campus

´╗┐Blended Education allows you to complete your learning both off campus and on campus in scheduled workshops.  Off campus learning will require you to access tutorials and learning resources through our online classroom and/or through Skype. On campus will require you to attend all scheduled workshops at selected campuses. Completion of the off campus components of your study will require that you have access to a computer which is connected to the internet.


Online courses are web-based, designed to engage and stimulate the learner, and are not simply a collection of resources. You'll be supported and guided in your learning through interaction with skilled lecturers and other students, via email, forums, chat groups and online sessions. ´╗┐ Online courses require you to have access to a computer with an internet connection, and be involved in real time online meetings and online workshops.

View online courses that TAFE SA offers.

Existing workers in the workplace

If you are employed (full-time, part-time or casual) and working in a job but do not have a formal qualification for the work you do, TAFE SA can recognise and reward you for the skills you already have and provide any additional training needed to gain a qualification.

If you have a trade qualification and want to up-skill, you may only need to complete a few additional subjects to fast track to the next higher qualification or skill set, and your career goals.

The duration of your course will be determined by your study plan based on the number of units you need to complete to gain a qualification.

As an employee working in the industry, when you apply for a course related to your job, you may receive an immediate conditional offer or you may have to meet additional admission requirements.

If your course is subsidised under WorkReady or if you wish to access VET Student Loans you will be required to demonstrate satisfactory reading, writing and numeracy skills as part of course counselling before enrolling for most courses.

Some courses require a literacy and numeracy assessment before an offer can be made.

Note the job titles linked to the course you are interested in.  You will need to provide evidence of your employment in the related job when you go to the TAFE campus to enrol.