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TAFE SA courses are delivered in a variety of study modes


Learn in a mixture of classroom and online environments. On campus learning will be scheduled but online learning can provide more flexibility. Lecturer support will be provided for all study. Access to a computer with an internet connection is required.

Virtual Classroom 

Online classes are delivered by Collaborate. Collaborate is a web-based online classroom collaboration tool that acts as a real-time virtual classroom. Students and lecturer will interact over the internet. You do not need to install any software and you can access the classroom from any computer that has internet connection, or a mobile telephone. That means you do not have to be in the same room together. You can access it from anywhere you have internet and a computer. 

On Campus / Location

Learn in a classroom environment that gives you the opportunity to interact with your lecturer and fellow students in person. 


Learn at your own pace, in your own space. Lecturer support will be provided via email and interaction with fellow students may be available via forums and chat groups. Online courses require access to a computer with an internet connection. 

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Workplace / Existing Workers 

If you are currently employed in a job but do not have a formal qualification, TAFE SA can recognise the skills you already have. The duration of the course will be determined by your individual study plan. You will need to provide evidence of your employment in the related job.

If your course is subsidised or if you wish to access VET Student Loans you will be required to demonstrate satisfactory reading, writing and numeracy skills. Some courses require this skills assessment before an offer can be made.

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