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Introducing the Fee Free TAFE Incidental Costs Scholarship

Fee Free TAFE (FFT) provides students with access to study courses without paying a tuition fee.

Some courses may have additional ‘incidental’ costs that students need to pay for things like special equipment, protective clothing, uniforms, police clearance or similar requirements.

To help students who are experiencing financial hardship, TAFE SA has established the Fee Free TAFE Incidental Costs Scholarship.

This scholarship can help cover a portion of the incidental costs related to your FFT course.

To apply, you must answer YES to the following eligibility requirements (as stated on the application):

  • I am currently registered into a Fee Free Course with TAFE SA.
  • I hold a valid concession card.
  • I have already incurred or will be incurring incidental costs associated with my Fee Free Course with TAFE SA in the current semester.
  • The total amount of previous claims (if any) for one qualification does not exceed $185.00.
  • I am experiencing Financial Hardship.

Scholarship funding is limited and applications will only be successful if funds are available, regardless of eligibility.

You can apply for up to $185.00 for incidental costs associated with a FFT course over the life of the course. You must apply for the scholarship within the semester that you will pay for the incidental cost.

You can be enrolled in two Fee Free Courses simultaneously and can apply for a scholarship for each course if each have incidental costs.

If you are experiencing financial hardship and wish to apply for a Fee Free TAFE Incidental Cost Scholarship, please apply below.

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