Interpreting Skills for NAATI Certification


This course meets the prerequisite training requirements set by NAATI for anyone wishing to sit for Interpreter Certification tests. The course will include language specific tutorials which will provide feedback to individual students and offer an overview and preparation strategies for the NAATI Certified Provisional Interpreter test.

Students will complete 4 units which will cover:
- Ethics in Interpreting and Translating
- Preparation for an Interpreting or Translating assignment
- Building glossaries
- Communication and Interpreting techniques

From January 2018, NAATI (National Accredidation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) will implement a new Certification system. In addition to testing changes, NAATI will require that applicants complete a training component before applying for testing. This course will meet the training requirement, prepare candidates for the test and meet the English proficiency requirements.

State Government subsidies may apply for the On Campus course. Eligibility criteria applies for the $145.00 subsidised fee. Please enquire for further details.

NOTE: Applications will be allocated to courses on the basis of language priority and demand. Applicants will be notified of receipt of their application and of language availability.

10 weeks
Applicants will be required to meet English proficiency requirements before enrolment by undertaking a pre-course language activity. This is necessary to ensure students have the required level of English to complete the course and because NAATI has set an English proficiency level for all test candidates.

Prepare to translate and interpret (PSPTIS003)

Apply codes and standards to ethical practice (PSPTIS001)

Manage discourse in general settings (PSPTIS042)

Build glossaries for translating and interpreting assignments (PSPTIS002)

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