Thriving in Change: Resilience at Work


Changes in the Children’s Services sector can have the flow-on effect of extra workload, more complexity or job uncertainty. This can be demanding and sometimes unsettling. Drawing on the Resilience at Work® (R@W) model of career resilience Kathryn will share the seven components that will assist you to adapt and thrive in challenging times.

Join us at this inaugural conference where we will be exploring the relationship between resilience and wellbeing of educators and children.

Kathryn McEwen is recognised internationally as a thought leader in workplace resilience. She is an organisational psychologist, executive coach and mediator with an interest in how to sustain performance in challenging work environments. As Managing Director of Working With Resilience, she leads an international consortium advancing the understanding of how to measure and build individual and workplace resilience. Their passion is in coaching people to thrive in workplaces that are turbulent, pressurised and demanding.

Kathryn is the author of three books Building Resilience at Work, Building Your Resilience: How to Thrive in a Challenging Job and Building Team Resilience. She has also partnered with academic colleagues to research and develop the Resilience at Work (R@W) Toolkit which comprises validated measures of personal, team and leader resilience at work. The R@W Scale which is part of this toolkit is being used in practice and research internationally. She will share these models and approaches as part of her keynote and workshop.

Breakout workshops will provide opportunities to engage in conversations and reflection to further consider the connection between play, creativity, resilience and wellbeing.

- Leading in Turbulent Times: Building Team Resilience
- Visual arts: Exploring the language of clay
- Drama every day: A catalyst for learning and well being
- Resourcing resilience through fire

1 day
This conference is for all staff who work with children Birth to Twelve years

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