Develop and Use Complex Spreadsheets


This continuing professional development course provides you with a skills and knowledge required to use Microsoft Office Excel (spreadsheet) to complete business tasks and produce complex documents.

It applies to individuals employed in a range of work environments who require skills in the creation of complex spreadsheets to analyse business transactions and develop automated reports.

This course may satisfy the continuing professional development requirements for bookkeepers, BAS agents, accountants, Tax agents and employees working in the business service sector.

This course will also be of benefit to business owners, managers, business partners, bookkeepers, assistant accountants and accounts clerks.

Skills Covered:
- Introduction to Microsoft Excel
- Effective spreadsheet utilisation
- Spreadsheet presentation
- Spreadsheet productivity tools
- Analytical charts and graphs
- Incorporating spreadsheet data in a Word document
- Statistical analysis and forecasting
- Spreadsheet macros
- Financial functions
- Logical functions
- Lookup tables

  • You will be given 8 weeks to complete this course. If you study 4-6 hours per week, we estimate that you will be able to complete the course in this time frame. However as this online course is self-paced, if you prefer you are able to complete it in a shorter time frame.

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