Dual Diploma Program in Outdoor Recreation and Travel and Tourism

TAFE SA Code: DU00133

  • Diploma of Outdoor Recreation (SIS50310)
  • Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management (SIT50116)


This dual diploma aims to provide you with in-depth knowledge and skills to work in a wide variety of roles across the Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Tourism industries. Take part in 4WD and winter back-country alpine experiences, plan and lead outdoor activities for school outdoor recreation programs and learn to lead bushwalks and field trips to remote locations.

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Up to 2 years 

Full Time

In response to COVID-19, TAFE SA has had to make some changes to how courses are delivered. If any changes are made to the delivery of your course, TAFE SA will communicate with you directly.

Locations & Applications

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Course Admission Requirements

  • No course admission requirements, however, students wishing to access subsidised training or VET Student Loans will be required to demonstrate satisfactory reading, writing and numeracy skills
If there are more applications for this course than places available, applicants will be ranked by date of application to this course
If you have a verified disability/medical condition and require additional support to demonstrate satisfactory reading, writing and numeracy skills please contact Student Services prior to applying to discuss your needs. To be eligible for support you must provide medical documentation to verify your disability/medical condition.

Total Fees for the 2 year course
$12,526 - $12,615

This course is subsidised through the Government of South Australia's Subsidised Training initiative. Assessing your eligibility may include participation in a Language, Literacy and Numeracy pre-assessment. Concessions apply to Subsidised Training only.

Subsidised Training Eligibility
Full Fee
$28,629 - $28,807

This course also has an incidentals cost of $5,600.00 for Equipment costs e.g. tents, use of 4WD, water equipment, ropes, safety harnesses etc..

Fees vary depending on subjects you enrol into. TAFE SA and their agents reserve the right to make any changes necessary.

    • Some of the units of competency listed below are only delivered in the Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management qualification. For further information regarding this qualification please visit the Diploma course page.
    • Students should be aware that they will be exposed to regular outdoor expedition work throughout the duration of the course.
    • Reading, writing and numeracy skills are assessed using the Core Skills Profile for Adults (CSPA). This assessment is used to determine whether you will be required to undertake additional support units alongside your qualification or undertake a pathway course before commencing your chosen qualification. If you receive an offer, more information will be provided at your enrolment session.
  • Upfront Payment

    Each semester, fees can be paid online with VISA or Mastercard or at an Australia Post outlet.

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    VET Student Loan

    This is an interest-free personal loan from the Australian Government that provides eligible students access to capped funding to help pay for their studies.

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    Payment Plan

    If you have difficulty paying your fees upfront, you may be eligible for a payment plan.

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  • Employment Outcomes

    Career opportunities include:
    • Outdoor Recreation Coordinator
    (eg: commercial outdoor recreation companies, schools, aquatic centres, government agencies)
    • Adventure tour guide
    • Adventure tourism events
    • Outdoor recreation project officer
    • Advance bushwalking guide
    • Climbing instructor
    • Sea/flat water Kayak instructor

    Note: Completion of a TAFE SA course does not guarantee an employment outcome. Formal requirements other than educational qualifications (eg licensing, professional registration), may apply to some occupations.

    Skills Covered

    Dual Diploma Program in Outdoor Recreation and Travel and Tourism
    This double diploma course provides students with an in-depth level of knowledge and skills that can be applied in a wide variety of occupations across the outdoor recreation and adventure tourism industries. Students will participate in 4WD and winter back-country alpine experiences, plan and lead outdoor activities for school outdoor recreation programs as well as an overseas adventure expedition, and lead bushwalks and field trips to remote locations. Highlights include: Participating in a winter back-country alpine experience; 4WD experience across the desert; Planning and leading an end of year overseas adventure expedition; Planning and leading outdoor activities for a number of SA school's outdoor recreation programs; Leading bushwalks and field trips to remote locations in SA. To complete these qualifications you are required to complete all 30 core units plus 26 electives.


    Successful completion of this course provides you with the following qualifications:

    Qualification TAFE SA Code National Code
    Diploma of Outdoor Recreation TP00317 SIS50310
    Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management TP00991 SIT50116

    Note: Students who successfully complete only one or more units of competency but not the full qualification are eligible to receive a Statement of Attainment.

    of TAFE SA graduates find jobs or continue studying.
    of TAFE SA graduates are satisfied with the overall quality of training.

    * 2019 NCVER Student Outcomes Survey findings
  • Below is a list of all units that TAFE SA can offer in this qualification. The selection of units you will be enrolled into depends on the campus you attend, and the qualification packaging rules described on www.training.gov.au.

    Not all units listed below must necessarily be completed to achieve your qualification.


    Name Nominal Hours
    Apply search and rescue skills 25
    Coordinate client service activities 20
    Coordinate emergency responses 20
    Coordinate facility and equipment acquisition and maintenance 15
    Develop and coordinate programs incorporating outdoor activities 15
    Develop and manage quality customer service practices 30
    Develop work priorities 40
    Enhance customer service experiences 40
    Establish and conduct business relationships 60
    Establish and maintain occupational health and safety systems 15
    Evaluate policy for an outdoor organisation 20
    Implement and monitor work health and safety practices 30
    Interpret financial information 60
    Interpret weather conditions in the field 20
    Lead and manage people 60
    Manage conflict 20
    Manage diversity in the workplace 60
    Manage finances within a budget 30
    Manage natural resources 20
    Manage organisational risks 40
    Manage projects 30
    Manage risk in an outdoor activity 25
    Monitor work operations 20
    Plan outdoor recreation activities 35
    Prepare and monitor budgets 30
    Promote compliance with laws and legal principles 15
    Provide work skill instruction 40
    Source and use information on the tourism and travel industry 25
    Support implementation of environmental management practices 10
    Use resources efficiently 12


    Name Nominal Hours
    Allocate tour or activity resources 30
    Apply advanced bushwalking skills in alpine areas 45
    Apply advanced bushwalking skills in arid areas 20
    Apply bushwalking skills in uncontrolled landscapes 20
    Apply climbing skills on natural surfaces 12
    Apply river crossing skills 10
    Conduct a high ropes session 20
    Coordinate and operate tours 70
    Demonstrate sea kayaking skills 20
    Develop and implement a food safety program 50
    Establish belays for climbing on natural surfaces 15
    Facilitate adventure-based learning activities 25
    Guide abseiling on single pitch natural surfaces 20
    Guide bushwalks in an uncontrolled environment 20
    Guide sea kayaking trips in easy to moderate conditions 20
    Guide top rope climbing activities on natural surfaces 20
    Increase the safety of individuals at risk of suicide 110
    Interpret weather for marine environments 20
    Interpret weather for mountain environments 20
    Lead tour groups 30
    Navigate in uncontrolled environments 25
    Operate communications systems and equipment 30
    Operate tours in a remote area 73
    Perform deep water rescues 20
    Perform vertical rescues 30
    Plan and navigate a sea kayaking inshore passage 12
    Prepare and present tour commentaries or activities 70
    Prepare specialised interpretive content on cultural and heritage environments 80
    Provide first aid in a remote location 35
    Set up and operate a camp site 50
    Use and maintain a temporary or overnight site 10
  • Studying at TAFE SA is one of the easiest pathways towards a University Degree. Credit Transfer is the formal recognition that parts of a TAFE SA course are equivalent in content and level to parts of some University courses. Below are the Credit Transfer details for this course. View all TAFE SA Credit Transfer Agreements

    University University Course Details
    Bachelor of Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management
    Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences
    Bachelor of Business (Tourism and Event Management)
    Bachelor of Business (Finance)
    Bachelor of Business
    Bachelor of Business (Sport and Recreation Management)
    Bachelor of Business (Economics, Finance and Trade)
    Bachelor of Business (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)
    Bachelor of Business (Legal Studies)
    Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
    Bachelor of Business (Management)
    Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management)
    Bachelor of Business (International Business)
    Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) (Online)
    Bachelor of Business (Management) (Online program)
    Bachelor of Business (Marketing) (Online program)
    Bachelor of Business (Information Strategy and Management)
    Bachelor of Business (Innovation and Entrepreneurship)
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