Disability Access & Inclusion

Student Services provides support to assist students living with disabilities, mental health or medical conditions to achieve their learning goals. Our staff are available to confidentially discuss support at any stage during your studies. Our services are provided free of charge.

What you will find on this page:

When you enrol

When you enrol you can indicate you have a disability or a medical condition on your enrolment form. An information kit will then be sent to you via email. If you don’t indicate your disability at enrolment you can do it any time during your studies or simply contact Student Services to discuss support.

Printed copies of the kits are also available from Student Services or information services staff at any TAFE SA campus.

The information kit includes:


Telling people about your medical condition or disability is your choice. You may feel there is no need for anyone to know about your health while you are studying. If you wish to access support, or plan for adjustments to study effectively, contact Student Services to discuss your requirements.

Support for students with health conditions and disabilities

Support is available whether your condition is permanent, fluctuating or temporary. For appropriate services and adjustments to be put in place, you will need to provide Student Services with supporting documentation.

Access Plans

An Access Plan is one way TAFE SA can assist you to identify and communicate your learning needs.

An Access Plan can assist you to disclose your disability-related support needs to lecturers so that reasonable adjustments can be negotiated. It also details any agreed services which will be provided by Student Services.

Having an Access Plan is a choice.

An Access Plan is written by a Student Services counsellor in collaboration with you, the student. It is your choice as to who you provide with a copy. Student Services will send a copy to the Educational Manager responsible for delivery of the course in which you are enrolled.

 Apprentices/Trainees with a Disability (DAAWS)

All TAFE SA students, including apprentices and trainees can receive assistance through Student Services.

The ‘Disabled Australian Apprentice Wage Support’ (DAAWS) scheme is a Commonwealth-funded initiative which supports apprentices/trainees to help them reach their potential as skilled workers.

The scheme may provide support for the off-the job component of your apprenticeship/traineeship, including mentoring, tutoring and interpreting.

For more information, contact one of our student services officers or your Australian Apprenticeship Network Provider:

Assistive Technology

Assistive or adaptive technology includes devices such as equipment, furniture, tools, hardware or software, which can assist students with disabilities or medical conditions to perform functions that otherwise, may be difficult. Some examples are screen readers, screen magnifiers, alternative keyboards or input devices, voice recognition software and text only browsers. If you are studying at TAFE SA and assistive technology could be useful to you, contact an Access and Inclusion Advisor.

Assistance Animals

An assistance animal is a support animal trained to facilitate the participation of a person with disability in accessing various aspects of personal and public life. 

The Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth) (DDA) in Section 9, sets out the legal definition of an assistance animal.

If you are considering studying at a TAFE SA campus and you use an assistance animal, contact Student Services to discuss arrangements prior to bringing an animal onto campus.

Support for Student who are Carers

TAFE SA is committed to removing barriers and providing access to students who are carers for people living with disability.

Provisions for students who are carers are determined on a case by case basis.

Students who are carers and who are seeking support from TAFE SA will need to make an appointment with Student Services. Supporting documentation such as eligibility for Carers benefit or medical documentation is required. Appointments can be booked on your campus at the information centre, or by contacting Student Services.

Legislation and Policy

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How to contact Student Services

To make an appointment, contact the information centre at your local campus, ring 08 8463 5082 or email Student Services.

Counsellors are available at the following campuses:

Adelaide City
Phone: 08 8463 5082

Mount Barker 
Phone: 08 8391 7333

Phone: 08 8348 4444

Barossa Valley
Phone: 08 8562 0500

Mount Gambier
Phone: 08 8735 1555

Phone 08 8207 9800

Phone: 08 8595 2600

Murray Bridge
Phone: 8535 6555

Phone: 08 8207 2800

Phone: 08 8207 9700

Phone: 08 8207 3900

Phone: 08 8372 6800

Gilles Plains 
Phone: 08 8207 1100

Port Adelaide
Phone: 08 8303 2656

Phone: 08 8648 8788

Phone: 08 8821 0400

Port Pirie
Phone: 08 8638 4222