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How to view and print your Invoice or make a Credit Card payment

Download a PDF copy of this Step by Step guide.

Go to

  1. Click on “Student Login”.

    Student login

  2. Login using your myTAFE SA User ID and PIN.

    Login using myTAFESA User ID and PIN

  3. Click on “Student”, then on “Student Account”, then on “Invoice and Payment History

    Student account

  4. Select the invoice you wish to pay from the drop down list next to “Select Statement Bill Date”, and then click on “View Statement”.

    If you want to make an online payment with a credit card, skip to step 7.

    Invoice statement date


  5. This will open the invoice in a new window.  To print the invoice, hover your mouse over the bottom of the window, and then click on the printer icon.  You can then take the invoice to any Australia Post outlet for payment.

    Bpay invoice

    Please note: If using Internet Explorer you may get an error and only view the first invoice. To download an invoice which is not the topmost on the list:

    > Go to "Tools" on the Menu Bar

    > Click on "Enterprise Mode" - this action turns on Enterprise Mode

    > Select an Invoice and click on "View Invoice"

    > After you have finished this remember to uncheck "Enterprise Mode"

  6. To make a credit card payment, click on “Credit Card Payment” at the bottom of the window.

    Credit Card payment

  7. Select the correct term and click “Submit”.

    Registration Term

  8. Enter the amount you will be paying, and then click ‘Submit”.

    Credit Card Payment amount

  9. Enter your credit card details, and then click “Submit Payment”.  Please note that the system may take a couple of minutes to process your payment.  Please don’t click the back button in your browser or on “Submit Payment” again.

    Credit Card details

  10. If your credit card payment is successful, you will see a screen similar to the one below.  You can print this screen as a record of your payment.

    Bpay receipt

  11. A record of this payment will appear on the “Invoice and Payment History” screen (Click on “Student”, “Student Account” and “Invoice and Payment History”).  Please note that this may take up to 48 hours to appear.

    Payment history


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