Work with animals and plants, on the land or in the lab

We face a growing need for the sustainable management of our environment. This has driven biotech innovations in agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture and animal welfare. Environmentally sustainable industries provide opportunities in environmental consulting, ecosystem management, and services to agriculture, fisheries and water technologies. TAFE SA primary industries and science qualifications can lead to careers in animal or veterinary care, laboratory technology, the wool industry, or conservation and natural resource management.

Courses for International Students

Course NameIntake YearCRICOS CodeTAFE SA Code
Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management2021092553ETP01070
Certificate III in Laboratory Skills2021098118JTP01122
Diploma of Horticulture2021092587FTP01041
Diploma of Landscape Design2021092596ETP01043
Diploma of Conservation and Land Management2021092603MTP01044
Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management2020092553ETP01070
Certificate III in Laboratory Skills2020098118JTP01122
Diploma of Horticulture2020092587FTP01041
Diploma of Landscape Design2020092596ETP01043
Diploma of Conservation and Land Management2020092603MTP01044

Veterinary and Applied Science Centre

The Veterinary and Applied Science Centre (VASC) is the only facility in South Australia that provides vocational training for the applied sciences, biotechnology, veterinary nursing and animal industries. Its facilities include:

  • full-function veterinary clinic including reception area, surgery and radiology suite
  • pathology demonstration theatre with CCTV monitors
  • biomedical research and production facilities
  • environmental testing laboratories
  • Physical Containment Level 2 (PC2) laboratories for microbiology, molecular biology, chemistry and DNA master mix
  • Physical Containment Level 3 (PC3) laboratory for biotechnology and biosecurity
  • animal holding and grooming facilities