Forge a career in mining, manufacturing and automotive maintenance

TAFE SA provides industry-leading education for the mining, engineering and automotive industries. Our courses range from entry-level training and apprenticeships to advanced courses for para-professionals, and pathways to university. You’ll have access to the latest technology and equipment as you build skills and knowledge.

Links with industry provide you with opportunities to gain real-world experience in the workplace as you learn. Once in the workforce, lifelong learning through TAFE SA ensures your skills are up to date now and in the future.

Courses for International Students

Course NameIntake YearCRICOS CodeTAFE SA Code
Certificate III in Engineering - Technical2020099492ANTF
Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology2020091597ATP00968
Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis2020091649ETP00975
Diploma of Electronics and Communications Engineering2020078960GTP00391
Diploma of Engineering - Technical2020099491BTP00482
Diploma of Automotive Technology2020091697GTP00977
Associate Degree in Electronic Engineering2020066407JAC00058
Associate Degree in Biomedical Engineering2020092136MAC00078
Associate Degree in Civil and Structural Engineering (Design Drafting)2020092138JAC00080
Associate Degree in Civil and Structural Engineering (Site Management)2020092139GAC00081

Video: Rodrigo’s Story - Brazil

Rodrigo Marino has always been fascinated by how things work, so he decided to become an engineer. While studying in his home city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, he discovered Adelaide and decided to apply for an exchange program at Flinders University. He fell in love with the city, and chose to return to study an Associate Degree in Electronic Engineering at TAFE SA. Today, he works as an engineer with local firm Redarc, who sponsored him to stay on in Adelaide.

Other languages: Chinese | Vietnamese

Associate Degree in Electronic Engineering

Video: Automotive Technology

Matt emigrated from the UK in 2008 and studied a Diploma of Automotive Technology at TAFE SA in order to become a motor mechanic. Watch the video to hear Matt explain the benefits of studying at TAFE SA, including the modern facilities and workshop equipment that students have access to.

Diploma of Automotive Technology

Video: Daniel's Story - South Africa

In his home country of South Africa, Daniel always wanted to be a Mechanical Engineer. A chance visit to Adelaide introduced him to TAFE SA and he made the decision to switch to electronic engineering and continue his studies with TAFE SA. As a part of his Associate Degree, Daniel has gone on to study a bachelor degree in Engineering at The University of Adelaide.

Other languages: Chinese | Vietnamese

Associate Degree in Electronics Engineering

Video: Cavpower and TAFE SA

Cavpower provides Caterpillar heavy machinery to the South Australian market. Cavpower works closely with TAFE SA to develop apprentice diesel mechanics, with over 200 Cavpower apprentices graduating from TAFE SA over the past 40 years. Apprentices learn the background knowledge at TAFE SA and then put their learning into practice on-the-job at Cavpower.

MET Centre

The Mining, Engineering and Transport (MET) Centre at TAFE SA’s Regency campus features a high-bay workshop for heavy transport including dyno facilities for light and heavy vehicles, automotive spray painting and spot repair booths, mining training practice drill rig and drill pad, land information systems survey equipment and computer software, CAD suite, advanced manufacturing 3D scanning and printing facilities, and CNC mills, guillotines and plasma cutters.