Put your ideas to work in a range of business-oriented careers

Rapid technological change and software development in this industry provides great career opportunities for computer-literate TAFE SA graduates. Growing trends in small businesses and call-centre networks offer careers that are closely aligned with e-commerce technologies.

Qualifications from TAFE SA can lead to careers as human resources managers, information and marketing managers, accountants, company secretaries, real estate sales representatives, land agents and property managers, conveyancers and conveyancing clerks, and office trainees.

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Courses for International Students

Course NameIntake YearCRICOS CodeTAFE SA Code
Certificate III in Business2021089263GTP00762
Certificate III in Business Administration2021088730ETP00780
Certificate IV in Business Administration2021088732CTP00784
Certificate IV in Leadership and Management2021089260MTP00803
Diploma of Business Administration2021088736KTP00785
Diploma of Marketing and Communication2021093601ETP00897
Diploma of Accounting2021099976CTP01098
Diploma of Leadership and Management2021098944GTP01128
Advanced Diploma of Accounting2021099977BTP01099
Certificate III in Business2020089263GTP00762
Certificate III in Business Administration2020088730ETP00780
Certificate IV in Business Administration2020088732CTP00784
Certificate IV in Leadership and Management2020089260MTP00803
Diploma of Business Administration2020088736KTP00785
Diploma of Marketing and Communication2020093601ETP00897
Diploma of Accounting2020099976CTP01098
Diploma of Leadership and Management2020098944GTP01128
Advanced Diploma of Accounting2020099977BTP01099

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TAFE SA business qualifications can lead you to administrative and business management careers in a range of industries. Course cover topics such as customer service, business administration, record keeping and international business. Our simulated businesses provide real-world business experience.