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International course progress and attendance requirements

Students must make themselves familiar with the TAFE SA requirements on attendance and course progress prior to commencement at TAFE SA. 


Attendance at scheduled classes is a known strategy for education success. All international students are expected to attend at least 80% of scheduled contact hours of their study period, unless otherwise directed by their lecturer. Students should be aware that attendance in classes, and active participation, is one of many key indicators in determining academic success. Therefore, attendance of all international students will be monitored and recorded as per usual TAFE SA practice by lecturing staff.

ELICOS students whose attendance falls below 80% may have their Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) cancelled, after receiving an Intention to Report Letter.

Course progress

TAFE SA will monitor, record and assess the academic performance of all international students to ensure they are given every opportunity to achieve the required satisfactory academic progress for each unit of the course they are enrolled in. Academic progress is reviewed each study period. TAFE SA is required to report an international student via Provider Registration and International Students Management System (PRISMS) to the Department of Home Affairs if the student has been assessed as not achieving satisfactory course progress.

Satisfactory course progress is defined as:

  1. Higher Education student (studying an Associate Degree or Bachelor program) – successful completion of 50% or more of enrolled subjects within each study period

  2. Vocational Education & Training (VET) and ELICOS student (all other programs) – successful competency in 70% or more of enrolled units of competency within each study period.

Should a student be identified as being ‘at risk’ of unsatisfactory course progress students will be placed on an intervention strategy. The intervention strategy is designed to support the international student to successfully continue their studies and complete in the timelines required.   

International students are encouraged to contact or speak with their lecturer or TAFE SA International Student Support Consultant if they are experiencing difficulties in their studies at the earliest possible opportunity. Upon receipt of receiving a notification that you are maintaining unsatisfactory course progress, or have been identified as potentially being ‘at risk’ students should act on the advice in the letter and seek support and appointment with relevant staff. 

Monitoring course progress

Lecturing staff will use a variety of assessments to deem whether a student is ‘at risk’ of, or is making unsatisfactory progress.  These may include, but are not limited to the review of:

  • the student’s attendance record
  • class participation
  • late submissions of assignments
  • number of resubmissions
  • requests for extension of class work or assignments
  • requests for additional help with assignments or class work
  • feedback from other lecturers
  • not yet competent or fail grades on assignments
  • English ability or ability to articulate their message
  • log in records of TAFE SA systems
  • results of assignments and units/subjects.

If a student is identified as not making satisfactory course progress or ‘at risk of’ (as per policy requirements) students may be put on an Intervention Strategy.

If the student is identified before the end of the study period, the program area will make contact with the student, including sending a Warning Letter to enable a meeting to be scheduled and an Intervention Strategy to be put into place with the student’s acceptance. This will be done as early as possible and practicable.  Lecturers are to continue to monitor the academic progression of the student and review their results at the end of the semester. 

TAFE SA International must then notify the student of its intention to report the student to the Department of Home Affairs for unsatisfactory progress. TAFE SA International will issue the student with a letter of intention to report for unsatisfactory progress (warning letter) informing the student of their breach, and that he/she is able to access TAFESA's complaints and appeals process and the student has 20 working days in which to do so. 

Duration of study

TAFE SA is committed to supporting all international students to reach their potential and have a successful academic experience while they are studying.

TAFE SA will monitor the progress of each international student to ensure that at all times the student is in a position to complete the course within the expected duration as specified on the student’s Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). In monitoring this enrolment load, TAFE SA will ensure that in each compulsory study period for a course, the student is studying at least one unit that is not by distance or online learning.

TAFE SA will monitor the workload of international students to ensure that they can complete the program within the expected course duration, as registered on CRICOS and as identified by the length of their student visa. In doing so relevant program staff and lecturers will monitor international students’ workload, academic progress and distance learning components.


Students have the right to appeal a decision about their attendance or course progress. 

See Complaints and Appeals for further detail.

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