As part of student visa requirements under Department of Immigration & Border Protection (DIBP) regulations, international students are required to attend classes and to meet all course requirements including completing assignments on time. Students can also be reported for failing to make academic progress.

TAFE South Australia is required to monitor the attendance of students and report to DIBP an attendance breach. At TAFE South Australia this is done through the Student Information System (SIS) and reports can be made to DIBP at any time.All lecturing staff are required by law to keep documentation on student attendance.  It is a student’s responsibility to notify the program area of their absence, which will then be recorded. It is also the student’s responsibility to catch up on any work missed due to the absence.

All international students are required to attend a minimum of 80% of the course they are enrolled in over each semester of study (each term in the ELICOS - English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students programs). Should the student’s attendance be assessed as below 80%, TAFE South Australia will sent formal notification.  This notification will ask the student to provide TAFE SA with information and evidence explaining their absences.  At student counselling session may be required.

If a student is absent through illness, they are required to provide their relevant program area with a legitimate medical certificate to cover the absence. All absences will be deducted from their attendance and affect their overall percentage. Any prolonged or excessive absence will be addressed by TAFE South Australia International Office and may result in the student being issued notification of TAFE South Australia’s intent to report the student to DIBP, and that once reported, the student’s visa may be cancelled.


Appeals will be considered by a TAFE South Australia Appeals Committee in accordance to appeals procedure outlined in the TAFE SA Student Complaint Resolution Policy (pdf).

If a student chooses to access the complaints and appeals process, the TAFE SA program area must maintain the student’s enrolment and ensure that the student continues to attend classes while the complaints and appeals process is ongoing. Depending on the outcome of the appeal, the student may or may not be reported to DIBP for unsatisfactory attendance.

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