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Course Admission Requirements

  • Satisfactory performance in a dental-based assessment


  • Certificate III or higher in Dental Assisting or
  • SACE Completion or equivalent

If there are more applications for this course than places available, applicants will be ranked by Assessment score.

The one hour online assessment includes: communication skills, dental conditions and terminology, head and neck anatomy, dental charting, knowledge about the Dental Board of Australia, basic biology and general dental knowledge. The knowledge assessed is that which Certificate III and IV Dental Assisting graduates will have studied. The assessment includes short answer questions, multiple choice questions, case scenarios and diagram labelling.

Recommended entry requirements

Successful students who do not already hold a licence to operate an ionising radiation apparatus will need to enrol in the following units within the first year of their studies:

  • Apply the principles of radiation biology and protection in dental practice (HLTDEN021)
  • Prepare to expose a prescribed dental radiographic image (HLTDEN022)
  • Produce a prescribed dental radiographic image (HLTDEN023)
    (or replacement codes if superseded).

All students must have a current Australian First Aid Certificate prior to commencing their supervised clinical practice and are required to maintain a current certificate throughout the length of the studies in the program.

Prior to enrolment, candidates will be advised that to undertake the course they must be eligible for unlimited registration as a student with the Dental Board of Australia under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Act 2009.

Many health care facilities including those operated by SA Health, require candidates and other health care workers to present the result of a Criminal History Check, and evidence related to immune status to vaccine preventable diseases, blood borne virus infection, and tuberculosis screening, prior to allowing clinical access to patients. Failure to comply with any of the above requirements is likely to result in being
unable to undertake the clinical placements necessary for completion of this course.

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