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Get ahead with Higher Ed

Do more. Go further. Stand out.

TAFE SA offers a wide range of highly specialised higher education courses.

Some of our higher education degrees are offered directly and some in partnership with universities. We also offer a wide range of pathways leading to professional degrees with all three South Australian public universities.

As a dual-sector VET/Higher Education provider, TAFE SA offers unique benefits to higher education students.

Our emphasis on applied learning with a focus on employment outcomes makes our graduates highly employable in the eyes of industry.

Students seeking a different higher education experience with smaller classes, more interaction with fellow students and lecturers, and practical learning that leads to strong employment prospects upon graduation will enjoy their experience at TAFE SA.

Higher education qualifications available at TAFE SA

17 Award Courses

Take a different path to university

Dual offers

You might think you have to follow a certain path to study at university, but there is another way. TAFE SA offers dual offer courses in partnership with South Australian public universities.

With a dual offer you can apply for both the TAFE SA and university qualifications at the same time. This means that once you complete your TAFE SA course successfully, you have guaranteed entry – with credit – into university.

Studying a dual offer course is a great way to set yourself apart from other graduates. You will benefit from TAFE SA’s vocational experience and insights, as well as graduating with two qualifications instead of one.

TAFE SA to Uni Credit Transfer

TAFE SA has many credit transfer agreements with universities for TAFE SA graduates. Gaining university credit for the related study you have undertaken at TAFE SA can reduce the time and fees usually required to complete a Bachelor degree.

To claim credit, you must formally apply to the university in accordance with their processes.

Being eligible for credit does not guarantee that you will be offered a place in a university program. Credit will normally be granted after you have been offered a place.

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Dual Awards

TAFE SA and Flinders University have joint qualifications to provide you with both a TAFE SA and a Flinders University qualification within the time taken to study a single undergraduate degree. Students benefit from combining applied and theoretical knowledge with practical skills and access to the resources of both TAFE SA and Flinders University.

Associate Degrees give you the edge
Want a career as an engineer? An Associate Degree gives you a competitive advantage.
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Admission Criteria

There are several ways in which you can meet the entry requirements for a TAFE SA higher education course.

  • Selection criteria explained

    • Applicants with higher education study

      If you have been enrolled in a higher education course such as a university degree since leaving secondary school, you may meet the entry requirements for higher education at TAFE SA. This includes prospective students who:

      • Are currently studying a higher education course at university or another Higher Education Provider and would like to transfer to TAFE SA
      • Have completed study at university or another Higher Education Provider
      • Have completed a bridging/foundation course delivered by a university or Higher Education Provider.

      You may need to have completed a certain amount of study within a higher education course to be considered for entry into TAFE SA higher education, for example, one year of a Bachelor course. Please refer to the individual course information pages for details.

      You may also be eligible for credit for your previous higher education studies, which can decrease the time it takes to complete your degree at TAFE SA. Credit for previous higher education study is assessed on a case-by-case basis at the time of enrolment.

    • Applicants with vocational education and training (VET) study

      You may meet the entry requirements for TAFE SA higher education if you have previously studied a Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma at TAFE SA or another Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

      In some cases, your VET qualification must be in a related area of study. Please refer to the individual course information pages for details.

      Your VET qualification may also entitle you to credit towards your TAFE SA degree. This means you can complete your study in less time and at a lower cost. For credit details, visit the course information pages or browse all available TAFE to Uni Credit Transfer arrangements.
    • Applicants with work and life experience (includes those who left secondary education more than 2 years ago)

      You may still meet the admissions criteria for higher education at TAFE SA if you left secondary education more than two years ago and have not undertaken VET or higher education study since then.

      Academic results

      You may still use your year 12 results for entry even if you completed secondary education more than two years ago and have not undertaken VET or higher education study since then.

      You must have met the requirements for the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) or its equivalent or completed the International Baccalaureate (IB).

      Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)

      If you have not completed secondary education, or did not achieve an ATAR high enough for entry into TAFE SA higher education, you may meet the requirements for your course by achieving a minimum score in the STAT.

      The STAT is a two-hour, multiple choice test that assesses your ability to study at a tertiary level.

      Visit SATAC for more information about the STAT.

    • Applicants with recent secondary education (within the past two years)

      Australian Year 12 students

      If have completed Year 12 in Australia within the past two years and you meet the requirements for the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) or the interstate equivalent, or you have completed the International Baccalaureate (IB), you may apply for TAFE SA higher education courses using your Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).

      You will need to meet the minimum ATAR requirements for your course. Some courses have additional entry requirements along with the ATAR, such as passes in specific Year 12 subjects. Please visit the course information page for further information.

      Overseas or non-standard secondary education

      If you have completed your secondary education overseas or in a non-standard program, your academic results will be assessed to determine whether they can be converted to an ATAR, and whether you have met any prerequisite subject requirements. 


  • Admissions information

    Admissions Criteria Table
      2022 full year intake
    Applicant background Number of students Percentage of all students
    (A) Higher Education study 11 8%
    (B) Vocational Education and Training (VET) study 10 7%
    (C) Work and life experience 6 4.5%
    (D) Recent secondary education n/a n/a
      - Admitted solely on basis of ATAR n/a n/a
      - Admitted where both ATAR and additional criteria were considered (e.g. special consideration pathways) n/a n/a
      - Admitted on the basis of other criteria only and ATAR was not a factor (e.g. special consideration pathways) <5 n/p
    International students 108 79%
    All students 137 100%


    <5 – the number of students is less than five
    n/a – not applicable: students were not accepted in this category
    n/p – not published: the number is hidden to prevent calculation of numbers in cells with fewer than 5 students

  • Additional information

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

    TAFE SA’s Aboriginal Access Centre (AAC) provides support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

    Domestic applicants with overseas qualifications

    SATAC will assess overseas qualifications at the time of application to determine their Australian equivalent.

    Please see the information about the application process on the SATAC website for further details.


    Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) National Register - for information on the status of registered Higher Education Providers in Australia

    Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) website – helps you to compare study experiences and employment data from Australian higher education institutions

    SATAC website

Be sure to also check if there are specific course admission requirements for your desired course.

Why choose TAFE SA?

Fee Assistance

Fee Assistance

HELP Student Loans are available for selected higher education qualifications. Eligibility criteria apply.


Applied learning environment

Our higher education courses focus on developing practical, hands-on skills and experience, underpinned by theoretical study.


Industry focussed

Our higher education qualifications are relevant, up-to-date and industry focussed to ensure students graduate with a competitive edge and the skills employers value.


Small classes

Our smaller class sizes means a more facilitated higher education learning environment and additional interaction with fellow students and lecturers.


Practical learning facilities

Our state-of-the-art facilities and learning spaces provide students with the tools and technology to get job-ready.



TAFE SA has a strong history of partnering with South Australian Universities for our Dual Award degrees, Dual Offer courses and Credit Transfer agreements.
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