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2018-19 Annual Report



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Date presented to Minister: 27 September 2019




The Hon John Gardner MP

Minister for Education


This annual report will be presented to Parliament to meet the statutory reporting requirements of the Public Corporations Act 1993 and the Public Sector Act 2009 and meets the requirements of Premier and Cabinet Circular PC013 Annual Reporting.

This report is verified to be accurate for the purposes of annual reporting to the Parliament of South Australia.




Submitted on behalf of TAFE SA by:


David Coltman

Chief Executive TAFE SA


CE approval 



From the Chief Executive

TAFE SA has gone through several changes over 2018-19, including the appointment of a new Board and Chief Executive, while also welcoming new people into the leadership team.

The year marked a fresh start for TAFE SA, with a renewed focus on providing quality services to our students and industry partners. TAFE SA has delivered upon several activities set out in the Fresh Start for TAFE SA policy, including implementing quality initiatives and improving performance management.

Moving forward, TAFE SA is invested in a fresh leadership approach to drive a positive shift in our culture, service delivery and student outcomes. We are strengthening our partnerships with industry, focusing on being an effective and sustainable VET provider while responding to the evolving landscape and training needs across South Australia.


David Coltman

Chief Executive




Contents. 4

Overview: about the agency. 5

Our strategic focus. 5

Our organisational structure and executive team as at 30 June 2019. 7

Changes to the agency. 8

Changes to the TAFE SA Board of Directors. 8

Our Minister 8

Legislation administered by the agency. 8

Other related agencies (within the Minister’s area/s of responsibility) 9

The agency’s performance. 10

Performance at a glance. 10

Agency contribution to whole of Government objectives. 10

Agency achievement of A Fresh Start for TAFE SA objectives in 2018-19. 11

Agency specific non-financial objectives and performance (2018 calendar year) as outlined in the TAFE SA Performance Statement (1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019) 12

Employment opportunity programs. 12

Agency performance management and development systems. 13

Work health, safety and return to work programs. 13

Executive employment in the agency. 15

Financial performance. 16

Financial performance at a glance. 16

Contractors disclosure. 18

Risk management 23

Fraud detected in the agency. 23

Strategies implemented to control and prevent fraud. 23

Whistle-blowers disclosure. 23

Reporting required under any other act or regulation.. 24

Reporting required under the Carers’ Recognition Act 2005. 24

Public complaints. 25

Number of public complaints reported. 25


Overview: about the agency

Our strategic focus

Our Purpose

TAFE SA will ensure that quality, student choice and industry needs drive the provision of its services.

Our Vision

A Fresh Start for TAFE SA outlines the following:

1.    TAFE SA will improve access and choice to high-quality training.

2.    TAFE SA will define the benchmark for quality.

3.    TAFE SA will be viable, sustainable and accountable in our services.

Our Values

TAFE SA’s Strategic Plan 2016-2019 highlights our core values:

·         Service excellence

We meet the needs of all customers effectively and enthusiastically.

·         Work as one team

We display a can-do attitude and work together to deliver solutions.

·         Success focused

We always strive to do better.

·         Accountability

We take responsibility for our behaviours, actions and outcomes.

·         Respect

We demonstrate respect for our customers, our people and our organisation.

Our functions, objectives and deliverables

In reference to the functions set out in the TAFE SA Act 2012 and the TAFE SA Ministerial Charter (2018-19), TAFE SA’s functions are limited to:

·         Delivering government-funded VET services that meet the economic and social needs of South Australia as identified by the Purchasing Minister

·         Supporting the Purchasing Minister to achieve policy objectives in the development of a competitive market for VET services

·         Strengthening VET in schools activity in support of the government’s policy objectives

·         Delivering higher education programs

·         Delivering educational programs and services to international students residing in South Australia

·         Providing a financial return on fee for service activities delivered in Australia; and any other VET commercial ventures as expressly identified in the Minister-approved Business and Strategic Plans.



Our organisational structure and executive team as at 30 June 2019[1]



Changes to the agency

During 2018-19 the following changes occurred to TAFE SA’s structure and objectives as a result of internal reviews:

·      A new Chief Executive was appointed in January 2019 and commenced in April 2019.

·      A number of key executive positions were vacant at various points in 2018-19, resulting in directorates having their reporting lines move to executives at a similar level while recruitment was undertaken.  

TAFE SA 2018-19 Board of Directors

During 2018-19, the TAFE SA Board of Directors comprised:

Rick Persse (to December 2018, Chair to November 2018)

Jacqueline McGill (from 15 October 2018, Chair from December 2018)

Andrew Marshall (from 12 November 2018)

Craig Fowler (from 15 October 2018)

David Hughes (from 20 May 2019)

Jennifer Cleary (from 12 November 2018)

Joanne Denley (from 12 November 2018)

John Chapman (to December 2018)

Judith Curran (from 12 November 2018)

Lucinda Byers (to October 2018)

Sam Scammell (from 15 October 2018)

Tammie Pribanic (to April 2019)

Tim Goodes (to December 2018)

Clare Feszczak (Minister’s representative) (from 6 September 2018)

Greg Fenn (Treasurer’s representative).


Our Minister

The Hon John Gardner MP is the Minister for Education.

Legislation administered by the agency

TAFE SA does not administer any legislation; however, the TAFE SA Act 2012 is administered by the Department for Education.

Other related agencies (within the Minister’s area/s of responsibility)

Department for Education


The agency’s performance

Performance at a glance[2]

·         61,400 students undertook training with TAFE SA in the 2018 calendar year.

·         6,070 students studied an apprenticeship or traineeship at TAFE SA in the 2018 calendar year.

·         85 per cent of TAFE SA’s graduates were satisfied with the overall quality of their training.

·         84 per cent of TAFE SA’s graduates were employed or in further study after training.

Agency contribution to whole of Government objectives

Key objective

Agency’s contribution

More jobs

·         TAFE SA:

-        provide relevant and accessible high-quality training linked to employment outcomes

-        train 25% of the government’s target of an additional 20,800 apprentices and trainees in South Australia over four years

-        deliver contextualised training to support the defence industries

-        support South Australia to meet its growth targets

-        participate in the Jobs4Youth training initiative.

Lower costs

·         TAFE SA continued its transformation as a viable, sustainable and accountable public institution by:

-        attracting a range of non-government sources of revenue from fee for service and international students

-        continuing to review course offerings and course fee structures

-        offering nimble and flexible solutions to the training needs of its business partners

-        strengthening its engagement with industry.

Better Services

·         TAFE SA underwent fresh leadership in the form of a new Board and Chief Executive, both of which are central to TAFE SA’s commitment to providing better services to the South Australian community.

·         TAFE SA renewed its focus on delivering high-quality outcomes for students including:

-        introduction of a dedicated complaint management system, enabling continuous service improvement, benchmarking and reporting

-        rolling out a comprehensive quality system implementation program, driving improvements in the quality and consistency of learning and assessment materials

-        opening the Advanced Welder Training Centre at Regency Campus, with 12 welding simulators enabling detailed and instantaneous feedback to students on their performance and increasing the rate at which students acquire understanding of how they can approve

-        agreeing to the terms of a partnership agreement with the Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA) to support improved access and choice to all South Australians intending to undertake vocational education and training

-        updating training and education credentials for education staff engaged in the training and assessing of accredited programs.


Agency achievement of A Fresh Start for TAFE SA objectives in 2018-19



·         Implement quality initiatives, including Academic Board


·         Updated performance standards and improved performance management


·         Improved reporting and performance monitoring


·         Analysis of courses, markets and course fee structures


·         Delegations updated

Due for completion 2019-20

·         Updated Ministerial Charter and Performance Statement


·         Appointment of new Board


·         Appointment of chief executive


·         Organisational development and redesign

Due for completion 2019-20

·         New funding model in place

Due for completion 2019-20

·         New strategic plan

Due for release 1 October 2019

Agency specific non-financial objectives and performance (2018 calendar year) as outlined in the TAFE SA Performance Statement (1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019)



(Numbers rounded)

·         Number of people participating in VET in South Australia through TAFE SA.

·         61,400

·         Apprentices and trainees studying at TAFE SA.

·         6,070

·         % of TAFE SA VET graduates who improved their employment circumstances after training.

·         57%

·         % of TAFE SA VET graduates employed or in further study after training.

·         84%

·         % of TAFE SA VET graduates satisfied with the overall quality of training.

·         85%

·         TAFE SA load pass rate (a measure of the number of students who pass their assessment).

·         84%

·         Number of qualification completions through TAFE SA.

·         14,400

Employment opportunity programs

Program name


Jobs4Youth Traineeship Program

In 2018-19, five people completed a Jobs4Youth traineeship at TAFE SA, with another person completing the traineeship in August 2019.

Of these six trainees, five have gained further employment with TAFE SA while one opted to resign and undertake further study.

Four of the trainees were female and two were male.

Agency performance management and development systems

Performance management and development system


TAFE SA’s Workforce Learning Management System.


Approximately 88% of TAFE SA staff had an approved Performance Management and Development Plan uploaded into the system (an increase of 53% from the previous year).

Work health, safety and return to work programs

Program name


Work Health, Safety and Injury Management (WHS&IM) System Refresh Program

Benchmarking and realignment of all elements of the
TAFE SA WHS&IM systems to International Standard ISO45001 was underway and is due for completion by December 2019. The aim is to achieve best practice and enable a safer environment for staff, students and visitors to TAFE SA campuses and delivery sites.

Plant Safety Project

All items of plant, for example machinery and equipment, have been inspected with mitigations implemented so no item of plant is operating with a risk rating higher than moderate (no high or extreme risk plant in operation).

An Executive Strategic Plant Safety Committee has been established and is overseeing the Strategic Plant Safety Strategy 2019-2021. The strategy will result in best practice in plant management for whole of plant life-cycle.

Emergency Response Program

New site-specific emergency manuals were tested, and improvements were made. All sites are now fully prepared for identified emergencies. A new communication system has also been introduced at all campuses and emergency personnel trained.

Substance Management and Noise Mitigation Programs

A detailed audit of all substances (chemicals and dangerous goods) commenced and is due for completion by the end of 2019 with a new substance management system to be introduced by December 2019.

A detailed audit of noisy environments at campuses was undertaken during 2018-19, with a report identifying better noise management and hearing preservation practices. Recommendations from the audit report are being introduced during 2019-20.


Program name


Continuous Improvement in Mental Health

Mental Health First Aid Training has been implemented across TAFE SA with future courses to be introduced in late 2019. A Mental Health First Aid Response Group will be established to complement Employee Assistance Program (EAP) processes.

Mature Workforce Enhancement Program

A detailed audit to identify opportunities to create safer environments for mature workforces (defined as 45 and older) was undertaken. Approximately 90% of the audit’s recommendations have been implemented, with full implementation expected by September 2019.

Sustainable Return to Work (RTW) Project

TAFE SA commenced partnering with Return to Work SA to critically and forensically review all injury management activities to identify future opportunities in reducing harm. Opportunities for advancement will be implemented during 2019-20.


Workplace injury claims



% Change
(+ / -)

Total new workplace injury claims








Seriously injured workers*




Significant injuries (where lost time exceeds a working week, expressed as frequency rate per 1000 FTE)




*number of claimants assessed during the reporting period as having a whole person impairment of 30% or more under the Return to Work Act 2014 (Part 2 Division 5)

Work health and safety regulations



% Change
(+ / -)

Number of notifiable incidents (Work Health and Safety Act 2012, Part 3)




Number of provisional improvement, improvement and prohibition notices (Work Health and Safety Act 2012 Sections 90, 191 and 195)





Return to work costs**



% Change
(+ / -)

Total gross workers compensation expenditure ($)




Income support payments – gross ($)




**before third party recovery

Data for previous years is available at:

Executive employment in the agency

Executive classification

Number of executives (FTE employed as at
30 June 2019







Data for previous years is available at:

The Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment has a workforce information page that provides further information on the breakdown of executive gender, salary and tenure by agency.

Financial performance

Financial performance at a glance

The following is a brief summary of the overall financial position of the agency. The information is unaudited. Full audited financial statements for 2018-19 are attached to this report.


Statement of Comprehensive Income

2018-19 Budget


2018-19 Actual





2017-18 Actual












Net cost of providing services





Net Revenue from SA Government





Net result





Total Comprehensive Result






Statement of Financial Position

2018-19 Budget


2018-19 Actual





2017-18 Actual


Current assets





Non-current assets





Total assets





Current liabilities





Non-current liabilities





Total liabilities





Net assets












Consultants disclosure

The following is a summary of external consultants that have been engaged by the agency, the nature of work undertaken, and the actual payments made for the work undertaken during the financial year.

Consultancies with a contract value below $10,000 each



$ Actual payment

All consultancies below $10,000 each - combined



Consultancies with a contract value above $10,000 each



$ Actual payment

Bold IT Pty Ltd

Classification and reclassification assessment of role descriptors


Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Development of Business Continuity Support/ Emergency Management Response



Validation support in developing funding model


Mercer Consulting (Aust) Pty Ltd

Consulting on review of executive classifications


Metric Marketing Pty Ltd   

Event management, external communications and marketing expertise





Data for previous years is available at:

See also the Consolidated Financial Report of the Department of Treasury and Finance for total value of consultancy contracts across the South Australian Public Sector.


Contractors disclosure

The following is a summary of external contractors that have been engaged by the agency, the nature of work undertaken, and the actual payments made for work undertaken during the financial year.


Contractors with a contract value below $10,000



$ Actual payment

All contractors below $10,000 each - combined




Contractors with a contract value above $10,000 each



$ Actual payment

ABFA Pty Ltd                 

Validation services


Artis Group Pty Ltd

Enterprise Customer Relationship Management software platform configuration


Auslan Services           

Interpreting services


Bee Squared Consultants      

Review of program management and development of report


Blackbocks Pty Ltd

Production and development of artwork


Castro Luis Paulo  

Theatre director services


Choreographers Organization  

Teaching and staging production


Cloud Industry Group Pty Ltd 

Development and support - Digital Platforms


Corey McMahon               

Guest director and contract teaching - Adelaide College of the Arts


D2V Entertainment Pty Ltd    

Video production and editing services


Daylight Breaks Pty ltd

Video production - defence industry


Deakin University            

Interagency training course


Deloitte Risk Advisory Pty Ltd

Information Security Manual Readiness Assessment Services


Department of Home Affairs         

Translating and interpreting services


Empired Ltd                 

CRM assessments and recommendations


E-oz Energy Skills Australia

e-Profiling Registration Database Management


Ernst & Young

Process optimisation advisory services relating to project management and business analyst support


Ernst & Young

Reconfiguration of student registration for Commonwealth funding and support.


Ernst & Young

Request for proposal preparation for Electronic Training Plan


Ernst & Young

High-level report summary of Framework Assessment


Escient Pty Ltd           

Quality system implementation and delivery


Finesses Model Agency    

Fashion modelling services


Gartner Australasia Pty Ltd

Research and advisory services


GH Planning Pty Ltd

Community engagement planning


Glen J Films                

Film production


Governance Matters         

Professional recruitment services


Green Triangle Electronics

Installation of data points at Mount Gambier campus


Hays Specialist Recruitment

Professional recruitment services


Integrated Global Partners Pty Ltd

Executive Capability Feedback and Support


JFE Global Pty Ltd  

Professional recruitment services


Joanne Stone               

Teaching - dance workshops


Julia Farr Association        

Facilitate peer leaders and aspirations project


Klevar Group Pty Ltd         

Design and implement course components


Lateral Vision Pty Ltd

Development of virtual learning training resources


Learning Information Systems

Digital platform for international students


Magic Child Limited         

Course facilitator services.


Manpower Services Aust Pty Ltd

Professional recruitment services


Manufacturing Learning       

Audit and review of compliance - national code of practice


Mark Hunwicks Education      

Review of assessments


Mash Design                    

ACR - Creative Art Design


M.J. Johnson and Associates

Educational staff professional development


Motiv Brand Design         

Marketing - Logo/branding services


NEC Australia Pty Ltd       

Skype for Business Project


Noetic Solutions Pty Ltd         

Organisational structure design project


Nucleus Media Australia Pty Ltd 

Corporate video production


Outcomex Pty Ltd

ACR - ICT Incident Management


Paradigm Management Consulting

External training provider for Certificate IV


Procurement Partners       

Procurement profile project and procurement services



Review and advise on educational program consultancy


Quantum Information        

Installation of student placement system


QS Enrolment Solutions (Aust)

Enquiry and offer management fees


Regional Development Australia (Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula)     

Multi Trades Project


Rowdy Group

Recruitment campaign marketing


SA Power Networks  

Provision of courses


Saudi Telecom Company

Brokerage on sale of IP address


Servicing SA Pty Ltd

Periodical cleaning of six learning centres – APY Lands.


Shopee Singapore Private Ltd

Brokerage on sale of IP address


Sinai Innovatech Pty Ltd

Brokerage services to source business for TAFE SA study tours


Square Holes  

Online surveys and focus groups/ segmentation analysis/interviews


Studiosity Pty Ltd 

Online learning support program


Tasman Human Resource        

HR services provided in relation to international partnership project


TMI Management Solutions      

Review and advice on curriculum


Underwood Executive Pty Ltd

Professional recruitment services



Teacher portfolio assessment marking



Delivery of VET courses






Data for previous years is available at:

The details of South Australian Government-awarded contracts for goods, services, and works are displayed on the SA Tenders and Contracts website. View the agency list of contracts.

The website also provides details of across government contracts.

Risk management

Fraud detected in the agency

Category/nature of fraud

Number of instances

Nil to report


NB: Fraud reported includes actual incidents of fraud.

Strategies implemented to control and prevent fraud

TAFE SA has implemented the following strategies to control and prevent fraud:

·           Establishment of an Audit and Risk Committee, a subcommittee of the TAFE SA Board

·           Fraud and Corruption Policy and Procedure

·           Fraud control plan

·           Fraud awareness training

·           Fraud risk assessments

·           Internal control framework

·           Internal and external audit.


Data for previous years is available at:

Whistle-blowers disclosure

There were no occasions on which public interest information has been disclosed to a responsible officer of the agency under the Whistleblowers Protection Act 1993:

Data for previous years is available at:  


Reporting required under any other act or regulation

Reporting required under the Carers’ Recognition Act 2005

TAFE SA supports and encourages staff with carer responsibilities to discuss their circumstances and working arrangements needs with their manager. TAFE SA also promotes the Carers Recognition Act 2005 and the South Australian Carers Charter.

A link to the Carers Recognition Act 2005 is available on TAFE SA’s intranet.

Public complaints

Number of public complaints reported

Complaint categories



Number of Complaints


Professional behaviour


·         Failure to demonstrate values

·         Lack of action

·         Lack of knowledge




·         Poor communication


Service delivery

Systems; services; processes

·         System inadequate

·         Service difficult to find

·         Processing error




·         Policy difficult to understand


Service quality

Information; responsiveness

·         Lack of punctuality

·         Difficult to understand

·         Service doesn’t meet customer needs


No case to answer

No case to answer

·         Customer misunderstanding

·         Redirected to another agency







Additional Metrics


Number of positive feedback comments


TAFE SA receives additional positive feedback through the annual learner engagement survey processes conducted October/November and reported to the Australian Quality Skills Authority.

Number of negative feedback comments


Total number of feedback comments


% complaints resolved within policy timeframes

·         Less than 14 days (Level 1 complaints) approximately 66%

·         Less than 30 days (Level 1-3 complaints) approximately 86%.

*. Introduction of the Complaint Management System has resulted in more robust reporting than in the 2017-18 Annual Report. The 623 count comprises the 404 count from the previous table plus 219 complaints in TAFE SA-specific categories (Compliance, Financial, Training and Assessment, and Other).

** The 642 count comprises the 623 negative feedback comments, less the 19 positive feedback comments.

Data for previous years is available at:


Service improvements for period

Service improvements that responded to customer complaints or feedback

In July 2018, TAFE SA introduced a dedicated complaint management system (CMS) called Talk, Tell, Transform enabling continuous service improvement, benchmarking and reporting.

The CMS allows customers to lodge complaints online in over 100 languages and provides clear advice on how their complaints will be handled.

Executives and managers can access a dashboard to view live data from the CMS specific to their areas of responsibility.

Service improvements implemented following the introduction of the CMS include establishment of B-Pay arrangements for students and removal of minimum processing fees and charges.





Appendix 1: Audited financial statements 2018-19

Appendix 2: TAFE SA Ministerial Charter (2018-19)




[1] The executive team comprised 23 FTE, including three vacant positions, for a total 20 FTE employed as at 30 June 2019.

[2] All figures are rounded.

[3] All figures are rounded.

[4] The executive team comprised 23 FTE, including three vacant positions, for a total 20 FTE employed as at 30 June 2019.