Retail Sales Supervisors and Assistants

Note: Completion of a TAFE SA course does not guarantee an employment outcome. Formal requirements other than educational qualifications (eg licensing, professional registration), may apply to some occupations.

Job Prospects
Openings 5 years to November 2019: > 50,000
Median weekly earnings: $921 to $1050
Australian Government Department of Employment 2015
You're in a funky clothing boutique and you just can't decide what looks best. The retail sales staff are there to make your decision easier.

There are currently around 23,300 retail sales supervisors and assistants working in South Australia. Employment is largely full-time with most working in the Retail Trade industry. Majority of persons in this occupation are males and the median age for those employed in this occupation is 40 years.

TAFE SA courses that may be relevant for: Retail Sales Supervisors and Assistants

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  • Some might say that living in a consumer driven society is a bad thing, but many of us can't live without our Mooks, our Nikes, or our Mambo fix, or the latest computer upgrade. As a result, the retail workforce is huge. To succeed as a sales assistant, it is vital that you enjoy the buzz of serving people. Just because you're having an off day, doesn't mean your customers should have to endure poor service. If you're well presented and spoken, have good product knowledge, are not shy about approaching customers and don't mind standing on your feet for long periods of time, then you should enjoy working in this occupation.

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  • Entry into this occupation is generally through completion of compulsory secondary education or higher qualification. Of those currently employed 19% have either Certificate III or Certificate IV; 8% have Bachelor degrees; 7% have an Advanced Diploma or Diploma and 59% have no post-school qualifications. It is recommended that you gain the available qualification to get the best possible chance of employment.

    TAFE SA offers courses relevant to this occupation including the Diploma of Retail Management. Pathways include the Certificate I and II in Retail Services and Certificate III in Retail. Pathway courses include Certificate I Program in Skills for Vocational Pathways (Retail.

    Still unsure? Then try a short course also offered through TAFE SA such as Introduction to Retail or Introduction to Selling. Check the website for a full list of short courses.

  • It is a large occupation with good employment prospects. There are many large companies which regularly employ individuals. A large influx of sales assistants is employed during the Christmas trading time and many who show they have the capability to be an asset to the company are kept on.

  • Store outlets vary in size and type but a sales assistant's role doesn't change much. They are there to move the goods. Some sales assistants also assist with merchandising - setting up displays, stocktaking and ensuring the store is clean and well presented. No matter how big or small a retail outlet is, each of them has a store manager (in many instances they may also be the owner). Store managers oversee operations and ensure that the store is running smoothly and effectively. A store manager may oversee the work of several departmental managers. You may have a department manager who is responsible for fresh produce and another in the meat department, but a store manager oversees the whole operation and ensures it's running smoothly. On a daily basis, the store manager is responsible for stock replenishment, organising local promotional displays, ensuring staff are taught correct sales procedures, encouraging staff to achieve sales targets and looking after sales staff budgets.

  • Retail sales personnel often work under pressure and may work long hours, including late at night and on weekends. They must demonstrate good clerical and administrative skills. It is essential that they have good communication skills, good organisational skills and good leadership skills. They must be self-motivate and enjoy working with people.

  • Although the majority of retail employees work in the metropolitan area, there are smaller numbers of people working in retail in all other regional areas throughout the state.