Market Research Analyst

Note: Completion of a TAFE SA course does not guarantee an employment outcome. Formal requirements other than educational qualifications (eg licensing, professional registration), may apply to some occupations.

Job Prospects
Openings 5 years to November 2025: > 50,000
Medium weekly earnings: $1,737
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Do you have good analytical, evaluation and communication skills? Then you may be well suited to a career as a market research analyst.

There are just over 146 people working as market research analysts in South Australia. Employment is largely full-time and most work in the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services; Financial and Insurance Services; and Information Media and Telecommunications. Over half of persons in this occupation are females and most are employed in the Adelaide metropolitan area. This occupation has a younger age profile with less than a third of those employed aged 33 years or older.

TAFE SA courses that may be relevant for: Market Research Analyst

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  • Are you interested in learning why people demonstrate social behaviours such as smoking or speeding, or how products such as Coca Cola have become such success stories? Market research analysts carry out investigations to determine the reasons behind behavioural patterns and whether there is a 'market' for products or services.

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  • TAFE SA offers courses relevant to this occupation including the Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Communication. Pathways include the Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication.

    Studying at TAFE SA is one of the easiest and most successful pathways towards a University Degree. The Diploma of Marketing and Communication/Bachelor of Business (Marketing) is available as a TAFE SA / Flinders Uni Pathway dual course.

    Still unsure? Then try a short course also offered through TAFE SA such as the Marketing and Communication Foundations Skill Set. Check the website for the full list of short courses.

  • Market researchers may work for organisations that make and market products such as cars, magazines, food, clothing and appliances. They may also work in radio and television networks. In recent years, government bodies have also made increasing use of market research services. There are also market research firms that offer their services on a consulting basis.

    Employment forecasts indicate above average growth for market research analysts. Advancement opportunities in this sector are heavily dependent upon one's capacity to market oneself.

  • Market researchers should be able to tap into how people think. This will help you progress in this type of work. You should have a thirst for knowledge, an interest in people and what makes them tick, tenacity and attention to detail, and being a good listener are musts. Market research analysts are mostly employed in marketing and business management services. The remainder work in government administration, education and larger firms that employ their own market analysts.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills as well as analytical and statistical ability are very desirable characteristics for success in this occupation.

    Market research analysts work mostly in office settings. They may be required to work long hours, which may include evening or weekend work, in order to meet deadlines. The job offers great flexibility, which can compensate for the long hours involved.

  • As part of their job, market research analysts also identify factors that may improve acceptance of goods or services, measure potential markets, help companies determine their position in the marketplace and measure customer satisfaction. Tasks carried out by market research analysts include monitoring industry statistics and trends in trade literature, collecting and analysing information about competitors and market shares, conducting or commissioning primary research, for example telephone surveys, or surveys of secondary (published) sources, purchasing research from external sources, and analysing and presenting research outcomes.

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