Customer Service Officer

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Job Prospects
Openings 5 years to November 2019: > 50 000
Salary Range
Median weekly earnings: < $900 to Source: Australian Government Department of Employment
Remember those times when you've wanted information about a product or service, or you've had a complaint and really needed to speak to someone yesterday! Its a huge relief when someone is able to assist you. That someone is usually a Customer Service Officer.

There are approximately 3,200 people working as Customer Service Officers in South Australia. Employment is largely on a full-time and most work in the Accommodation, Caf├ęs and Restaurants and the Property and Business Service industries. Most persons in this occupation are females. The main age groups for this career are 25-34 years old.

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  • Whether its a general inquiry or a complaint about an organisation's products or services, customer service officers are usually the first port of call for customers. They either handle preliminary inquiries themselves, or they direct inquirers to the section of an organisation where they can find answers. One Service Officer, said a work day may include directing irate customers who have received parking infringements to the Council's payment area, or processing a complaint form about a local eating spot.

    Clerical and AdministrativeHelping and Community Services

  • While there are no specific educational requirements to become a customer service officer, having acquired some training would assist in finding work in this occupation. Of the current Customer Service Officers 17% have Certificate III or IV, 9% have and Advanced Diploma or Diploma and 56% have no post school qualification. The majority of those without a qualification are likely to be included in the 55+ years. It is recommended that you get the advantage when applying for jobs and get the appropriate education and training.

    TAFE SA offer the following courses to help you find employment in this occupation: Certificate III in Customer Engagement.

  • Customer Service Officers generally find employment in most industries; in commonwealth departments and private organisations. What The Future Holds According to occupational forecasters, employment growth in the medium term is likely to be strong. The demand for customer service officers comes from a range of industry sectors and a high job turnover rate contributes to ongoing job opportunities. However, in smaller organisations customer service officer duties are generally performed as part of another occupation.

  • "I am usually the first person people see when they come to the front counter of the Health Services section at the Council, or the first person they speak to on the phone. We handle all general inquiries and complaints about food premises and noise levels in the area. Its my job to find out what the person would like to know, provide them with the necessary information if I can, or let them know who can assist them further. If it was food poisoning for example, then I would direct the person to our environmental health officer". Central Point of Inquiry Customer service officers are an important part of an organisation's customer service strategy. They minimise the time it takes a customer to find the right person or a piece of information. Its also more efficient for the organisation having one or more people dedicated to this task.

  • Because of the direct contact Customer Service Officers have with the public, excellent customer service skills are a must in this occupation. Being well informed about their organisation, so that inquiries can be answered promptly and complaints resolved quickly, is also advantageous. Since customer service officers have to contend with the odd problem, analytical and problem solving skills will also greatly assist them in their job. Aside from handling inquiries, customer service officers often assist people to fill in forms associated with their inquiry or complaint. This might be a rental assistance form at a housing agency, a loan application form at a financial institution, or some cases a poor work practice complaint form.

  • Customer service officers need to be competent in Word and Excel and be good typists as they process these forms and enter the details into a computerised database. Customer Service Officers play an important role in many different departments and organisations. They may handle inquiries about bond assistance, rental vacancies and whether or not people are up to date with their rental payments. So that the public can be better informed about an organisation's products or services, customer service officers also distribute information pamphlets over the counter to any interested parties. They should be aware of where the relevant information is located in their department so that this type of information can be handed out promptly to the public.

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