Award for TAFE SA’s top sound production graduate

Dec 20, 2022

TAFE SA sound production graduate Lucinda Machin.

An accomplished musician and singer, Lucinda Machin is now being recognised for her talents on the production side of the music industry.

Lucinda received the Neville Clark Award for TAFE SA’s Music Industry Sound Production Graduate of the Year at the 2022 SA Music Awards.

The award honours the late Neville Clark, who was a leading mastering engineer and owner of Disk Edits, and is presented to two leading sound production graduates - one from TAFE SA and one from a private training provider – each year.

Lucinda, who completed a Diploma of Sound Production in 2021, says it’s “really nice” to be recognised by her lecturers and receive the award at an industry event.

“It was a fun event and having all the SA music community in the one spot was great,” she says.

Lucinda says music has always been part of her life and she started playing the cello when she was eight years old.

Gradually she added singing, song writing and playing in bands to her repertoire and influenced by her dad, who is a broadcast engineer, she also developed an interest in the recording and production side of music.

Lucinda opted to study sound production at TAFE SA’s Adelaide College of the Arts to gain a better understanding of the equipment involved, build her expertise and create a network with fellow students.

“I really liked the studio aspect of the course, just to have access to all the equipment and go through the process of how you’re going to record and plan it out,” she says.

“TAFE SA’s equipment for live performance is amazing.”

Since graduating, Lucinda has been balancing recording work for other bands at Forest Range Studios with solo projects.

She is a member of indie band The Tullamarines, who have recorded three singles, and together with a friend she has released a library album of syncs for television shows and movies, with one song already used on Home & Away.

Her side project – Lucinda Grace – is a work in progress and will incorporate her cello and bass playing as well as singing.

“My goal is to try and keep the variety in my career,” she says.