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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I log in?

    • For new students (admitted via SATAC), current students and former students – Click on “Student Login”.
    • For those who are not yet a student at TAFE SA and wishes to apply for a TAFE SA course (such as a courses for international students, general interest course or a fee for service course) – click on “New TAFE SA Admissions”.
    • For lecturers and other faculty members – Click  on “Faculty/Lecturer Login”.
  • What is my ID and password?

    • Your TAFE SA email address has recently changed from your student identification to your own name format such as: Use your new TAFE SA email address to sign in to TAFE SA computers and various tools.
    • View more about Friendly Name email addresses.
  • What does myTAFE SA let me do?

    You can access myTAFE SA at any time to:

    • View all TAFE SA classes and timetables.
    • Enrol into classes for your course.
    • View your weekly study calendar, your detailed class schedules and a record of all your classes including current classes, classes which you have dropped or classes from which you have withdrawn
    • View and print your grades and transcripts from your current and past studies.
    • View your account details, download an invoice for your fees and pay your fees online.
    • Contact lecturers.
    • Update your residential address and contact details. 
  • How do I enrol into classes?

    Depending on your course of study, your workgroup may have already placed you in the classes for your course. In this case, you may view the classes you have been placed in by selecting the “Student Detail Schedule” option under the “Registration & Enrolment” menu.

    For most courses of study, students have to enrol into their classes online via myTAFESA. Once logged in, go to the “Enrol – Add or Drop Classes” option under the “Registration & Enrolment” menu. All classes related to your course of study will be displayed. Each class is given a Course Reference Number (or “CRN”). Select the class(s) of your choice and then click on “Enrol/Register”. If you are unsure as to which class you should enrol into, please contact the relevant workgroup for your course of study.
  • What browser should I use to access MyTAFE SA?

    The MyTAFE SA website supports the following browsers:

    On a PC (Windows XP or greater):
    Microsoft Internet Explorer  8.x to 10.x
    Firefox 5.x  to 9.x
    Google Chrome 12.x to 16.x

    On a MAC (10.6.x or greater):
    Safari 5.x
    Firefox 5.x  to 9.x
    Google Chrome 12.x  to 16.x

    Screen resolution:
    This web site is designed for a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768. If your current setting is lower than this, the pages will not fit into your browser window without the need to use the scroll bars.

    Read more on how to install a new browser if yours is not listed above.
  • Do I apply through myTAFE SA or through SATAC?

    Around half of TAFE SA students apply through the South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC), which also administers entrance to South Australian Universities. Most school leavers looking at either University or TAFE SA Award Courses will need to make their application through SATAC and wait to receive notification on what offers have been made to them.

    If you're accepted into a TAFE SA course, once you have accepted your offer, you will receive a letter from TAFE SA instructing you to login to myTAFESA.

    If you're not applying through SATAC, click on the “New TAFE SA Admissions” link, create a temporary ID and PIN and work your way through the application process. 
  • I'm not applying through SATAC. How do I know what type of student I am?

    When applying, you may be asked to select a student type before you choose your course. For international students or short course and general interest applicants, this choice should be straightforward. Some other student types are still required to apply for their course directly at a TAFE SA campus.

    However, if you're not sure which type of student you are, call 1800 882 661 or contact us.
  • I'm an apprentice. Do I register through myTAFE SA?

    If you're an apprentice, you can only register for classes once you have a formal apprenticeship contract.

    Your student details will be passed onto myTAFE SA from your apprenticeship registration and you'll be notified by your workgroup whether you need to register for classes through myTAFE SA.

    Refer to our Apprenticeships and Traineeships page for information on applying for an apprenticeship.
  • Where do I find Centrelink proof of enrolment documentation?

    If you are receiving a Centrelink benefit to study, you will require a proof of enrolment.

    Login to "myTAFE SA", ensuring you are connected to a printer, to print the documents required for proof of enrolment.

    You will need to print both the Student Detail Schedule and Registration Status.

    These printouts can be submitted following the instructions from Centrelink.
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