International Student News - April

Jun 29, 2023


Engineers Australia Ambassadors

TAFE SA International Engineering students John Benedict Pauig, Lim Mei Hsin and Owen Ong have been selected as Engineers Australia Ambassadors and will represent TAFE SA at various industry events and workshops throughout 2023.  John, Lim and Owen recently attended an ambassador induction with Lucie Reilly, the Student & Graduate Engagement Manager for Engineers Australia.

Pictured from left:
John Benedict Pauig, Lim Mei Hsin, Owen Ong and Lucie Reilly.



TAFE SA International Student Ambassadors

We welcomed Sara Vasquez and Sheikh Waleed who recently joined the 2023 TAFESA International Student Ambassador team.  Sara is originally from Colombia and studying Commercial Cookery. Sheikh is originally from Pakistan and studying an Associate Degree in the area of Civil and Structural Engineering (Design Drafting). Congratulations to Sara and Sheikh. 

Sarah-Vasquez  Sheikh-Waleed