Accept your offer

Congratulations on receiving your Letter of Offer from TAFE SA.

If you have an Unconditional Offer there are no restrictions and you may accept your offer immediately.  Your offer will be valid for 8 weeks and you should accept it within this time frame.

How to accept:
Please read, make sure that you understand, sign and return to TAFE South Australia the following documents:

Signed acceptance of offer
Signed refund table
Proof of your fee payment
Proof of health cover  (if available)

If you are applying for a Packaged University Offer you will also need to supply:

A certified true copy of the front page of your passport as proof of identity.

Once these are received, TAFE SA will send you a Confirmation of Enrolment certificate (CoE) by email  or to your agent. This CoE is required for your application for a student visa.

If you have a Conditional Offer you must meet the conditions outlined in your Letter of Offer before you can fully accept your place at TAFE SA. These conditions may include the results of a IELTS test (or equivalent), or satisfactory completion of a pre-requisite course (such as an ELICOS  course) or Year 12) - see your Letter of Offer for your conditions.

I have a Confirmation of Enrolment, now what?

Apply for a Student Visa

You will need to apply online with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for your student visa. To apply, you will need your CoE. You will also need to create an ImmiAccount with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to apply for your student visa.

If you have employed an agent, they  will assist you with your student visa application.

For more information on obtaining a student visa, please visit the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection can assist you with your student visa application. They will advise you on when you are likely to receive your student visa and about medical examination and other visa requirements.  Once you have received your visa you can organise your flights and begin to prepare to relocate to Adelaide.

It is important that you meet your student visa conditions including class attendance and academic progress.

Prepare to move to Adelaide

While waiting for your visa to be processed It’s a great idea to read up on Adelaide before you embark on your educational journey. You can find the information you need here and  StudyAdelaide

Arrange airport pickup and accommodation

TAFE South Australia and Multicultural Youth South Australia (MYSA) International have partnered to provide a range of free services for TAFE International Students. We can help you settle in with airport pick up and accommodation arrangements. You should make sure that your airport pick up is requested at least seven working days before you arrive.

MYSA International can assist you with finding somewhere to live from private rental to home-stay accommodation.  Whether it is upon your arrival or several months into your study.

More options are available on our accommodation page.


Orientation is where you’ll be shown around campus, meet other students and lecturers, start to make friends and get familiar with TAFE South Australia and the city of Adelaide.

Our invaluable Pre-departure and Orientation Guide gives you the information you need to help you settle in to South Australia and life as a student.

Enrolment and success at TAFE SA

You’ve arrived, been to orientation and are beginning to settle in. You need to complete your enrolment by making sure that you have finished your unit enrolment and obtained your student id card.

You need to know about your attendance requirements and how to make sure that you meet the conditions of your student visa. More information is available in the TAFE South Australia Policies and Responsibilities.