Information Technology

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy

Name Tracey
Studied Certificate II Program in Information, Digital Media and Technology
Faculty Digital Literacy
Career Profile IT Administrator

Tracey was a stay at home mum for twelve years and the thought of re-entering the workforce was quite daunting. She started by studying a bridging course and then Certificate II in Information Technology.

"The biggest thing I got out of TAFE was the confidence that I achieved through studying the courses and the guidance that the lectures gave me helped to be build on the skills that I was progressively learning, which is really helps with the job I have got now."

"My current job is a systems network technician, so we managed 700 student one-to-one laptops, we've got seventeen servers, so we run the day-to-day management of the school network. In five years time I'm hoping to be a network administrator."

Tracey is now looking to re-enrol at TAFE in an advanced IT course to enhance her skills and employment opportunities.

Tracey, IT Administrator

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