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The Veterinary and Applied Science Centre (VASC) biosciences team are developing customised and wide ranging short courses for industry, incorporating:

  • good laboratory practice
  • low level bioinformatics
  • molecular biology techniques such as:
    • PCR, including real-time/quantitative PCR
    • gel electrophoresis – agarose and polyacrylamide
    • site-directed mutagenesis
  • topical issues such as genetically manipulated organisms and stem cell technologies.
  • laboratory animal handling, training for researchers and technicians

This quality training is designed to meet high level industry expectations, and ongoing feedback from industry will help to determine future training development.

This state of the art facility is a fantastic opportunity for industry personnel to gain useful, practical skills in relevant biotechnology techniques NOW!


Biomedical labs Biomedical labs

Employment Opportunities

Qualifications in this area lead to careers working in biomedical research and production facilities, medical and veterinary diagnostic laboratories, and environmental testing laboratories.

Depending on your level of study, you will learn a wide range of skills that will prepare you for work in the industry. These may include:

- Industry standard Physical Containment Level 2 (PC2) specialist laboratories; microbiology, molecular biology, chemistry and DNA master mix.
- PC3 laboratory to support training and development in the biotechnology and biosecurity areas.
- maintaining the laboratory fit for purpose
- working safely with instruments that emit ionising radiation
- planning and conducting laboratory/field work
- applying critical control point requirements
- collecting routine site samples
- calibrating and maintaining test equipment
- laboratory technology operations
- performing instrumental and non instrumental test procedures
- processing and recording data
- performing microscopic examination
- performing biological procedures
- preparing tissue and cell cultures
- applying routine spectrometric techniques.


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