Hospitality & Tourism

The growth in overseas awareness of South Australia's stunning tourist attractions, growth in new markets such as day trips, and the benefits of proposed cheaper international air fares are but a few factors spelling great jobs for TAFE SA's hospitality, travel and tourism, and event professionals.

Courses for International Students

Course NameIntake YearCRICOS CodeTAFE SA Code
Certificate III in Tourism2017082215FTP00530
Certificate III in Travel2017082214GTP00531
Certificate III in Events2017082219BTP00537
Certificate III in Hospitality2017084002CTP00639
Certificate IV in Hospitality2017084003BTP00640
Diploma of Travel and Tourism2017082217DTP00535
Diploma of Events2017082220JTP00538
Diploma of Hospitality2017088004BTP00641
Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism2017082218CTP00536
Advanced Diploma of Events2017082221GTP00539
Advanced Diploma of Hospitality2017084004ATP00642

Further Information

TAFE South Australia also operates the only Government owned ELICOS (English language) Centre in South Australia.

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TAFE South Australia International
Level 1, 120 Currie Street
Adelaide 5000
International callers: +61 8 8463 5487
Calls within Australia free call: 1800 049 492
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